Healings of neck pain (cervical spondylosis)

Healing of pain in the cervical spine

Mrs I. H. (63), Bebra (Germany)

From 1959 I had constant problems associated with my cervical vertebrae. At night my right arm always became numb and when I awoke I had to hit it in order to stimulate it. Often I was not able to turn my head and suffered from intense pain at the back of it and in my right shoulder. X-rays showed wear and tear of the cervical vertebrae. When the pain was very bad I was given injections and chiropractical therapy to realign my spine. Subsequently I was free from pain for a while but the numbness of my arm kept recurring.

Since 1987, about a year after I had accepted the teachings of Bruno Gröning, I have been free from pain. I can sleep in every position with or without a pillow. My arm no longer becomes numb.

Healing of pain in the cervical spine

Mrs H. R. (57), Hannover (Germany)

From 1989 I suffered severe pains in my right hand; I could not take hold of anything without getting a cramp in my hand. Pain in my cervical vertebrae did not allow me to sleep and head movements made me feel giddy. Although I visited several doctors who gave me injections and prescribed tablets, microwave stimulation therapy and physiotherapy, my problems remained so that in October 1991 I took early retirement. Only when I was in hospital in November 1991 was a vertebral canal contraction (a restriction of the spinal canal) diagnosed in the region of my cervical vertebrae between 4/5 and 5/6. Due to its potential dangers I declined the operation I was advised to have.

My problem continued until October 1994 at which time I was introduced to the teachings of Bruno Gröning. About six months later the pains began to diminish, and then vanished. Since then I have no pains in my right hand, I can grasp things again and it no longer gets numb.

Healing of pain in the cervical and lumbar spine

Mrs G. Ch. (65), Wegberg (Germany)

At the age of 30 I developed pain in my back and neck when I moved. From 1962 I was almost permanently under medical treatment. Fifteen of my teeth were extracted because my doctors suspected that my problem could be associated with them. In 1973 I had to stop working. My health continued to deteriorate to the extent that in 1978 I could no longer bend down. When I cleaned my stove I had to kneel on the floor and when I wanted to stand up again I had to crawl over to a stool in order to lean on it. When I kneeled, I had pain in my knees, my back and my thighs, and from my neck the pain spread into my arms. When I washed my hair and tried to set it I had to prop my arms on a table so that I could lift them. I could barely turn my head sideways. In the rheumatic clinic the verdict was: "Your body is totally worn out!"

In May 1989 I was introduced to the teachings of Bruno Gröning. The day after my introduction I was able to get up refreshed and mobile for the first time. A week later, while I was absorbing the healing stream in the morning I received total healing in my back. Since then I am able to move freely and I no longer have any pain. In 1989 my doctor confirmed my recovery, which for him was inexplicable.

Healing of pain in the cervical and lumbar spine

Mrs G. B. (65), Hamburg (Germany)

For 30 years I suffered from pains in my vertebral column and was often in orthopaedic hospitals. The last ten years were particularly bad. The pains were mostly in my neck, often spreading into my left arm, and in my lumbar spine, spreading into my left leg. Because of the continuous pain I could only sleep for 2-3 hours at night. Sometimes for days on end I was not able to sleep at all. Regularly I had massages, mud baths, hay-baths, physiotherapy, medication and injection therapies. All these treatments as well as additional treatment from an alternative medical practitioner and three visits to Lourdes brought only short-term relief but no cure. In May 1983 the chronic pains, due to extreme degenerative changes and intervertebral disc lesions, particularly in my cervical region, caused me to take early retirement.

A year after my introduction to the teachings of Bruno Gröning, in the spring of 1991, I was completely problem-free and felt 20 years younger. Today I run my home without any difficulties and am a sound sleeper.

Healing of chronic pain of the cervical spine after an accident

Mr A. S. (66), Roermond (Netherlands)

For almost twenty years I had a continual pain at the back of my head and neck. Sometimes it was more, and sometimes less severe. These pains were the result of an accident in a mine, when a tool bag had caused an open head wound. The diagnosis was cervical arthritis. I received injections, ointments, pain killers and massages without any noticeable result. If I wanted to see something behind me, I had to turn my whole body.

On 4th December 1990 I absorbed the healing stream for the first time. Since January 1991 I have been able to move my head freely and have been completely pain-free.


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