Healings of headache

Heilung von schweren chronischen Kopfschmerzen

Healing from severe chronic headaches

John Leiker (55), Buffalo (USA), about his brother Bernie Leiker (57)

My older brother Bernie is without doubt the person I most admire. He was always there when I needed help. I can't remember a single time when I asked a favor of him that he said "no".
I was five years old. Bernie was seven. We were going to school together, a distance of about half a mile. The way took us over a heavily traveled street. I still remember the words of my mother, "Bernie, keep an eye on your little brother!" It was raining that morning when we arrived at the crossing. I ran ahead of my brother over the street as a car turned into the main street. I froze as I saw the car coming toward me. The driver hadn't seen me. My brother ran onto the street and shoved me out of danger, but the car hit him and threw him 15 yards away. His head struck the concrete curb. He lay there unconscious in a pool of blood.

קרא עוד...

Spontaneously healed after ten years of continual headaches

Daniela H. (25), Hamburg (Germany)

I suffered from headaches from 1989/90 on. Shortly before this pain, which tormented me 24 hours a day, first appeared, I had suffered a light brain concussion by falling on my head while ice-skating. The doctors I consulted attributed the pain to that.

קרא עוד...

Healing of pain from hip arthritis and chronic headaches of over 15 years' duration

Shakila Premcharan (52), Suriname/South America

Since 1995, I had had continual pain in my pelvis and hips, running downward from my waist. I would go to bed with this pain and get up with it. My family doctor treated me with medication and injections. Since there was no relief, transfer to a hospital ensued. Analysis of the examinations such as x-ray, ultrasound, and laboratory tests yielded the diagnosis of arthritis.
In addition, headaches had tormented me for 15 years. They were severe, especially after sleepless nights. The treatment consisted of the medication Paracoff.

קרא עוד...

Healing of harms in general without special diagnosis

Mrs G.W. (25), Burghausen (Germany)

For 10 years I suffered from headaches and during the last two years, almost every day. They manifested as strong pressure either at the back of my head or also across my forehead. They usually started in the afternoon and progressively worsened towards evening. This continuous pain caused me to withdraw from everything and except for my work, I remained at home. I had no energy, and was irritated and tired.

I heard about the teachings of Bruno Gröning in July 1996. Two weeks after my introduction, the years of pain simply disappeared. Now I am happy to lead an active life again (sport, visiting friends, going out...)

Healing of harms caused by cervical disorders

Mrs I. Z. (74), Altdorf (Switzerland)

In April 1991 I began to have continual, severe headaches accompanied by dizziness. The pain began in my neck and developed into a headache. My house doctor said that it was caused by a worn cervical vertebral column and prescribed tablets which gave me some relief. Acupuncture, autogenic training and the laying on of hands by a healer had little effect.

Then I came across the Bruno Gröning Circle of Friends. In June 1991 the pains and dizziness stopped.

Healing of harms caused by circulation problems

Mrs Ch. G. (48), Cologne (Germany)

For 36 years I suffered almost daily from severe headaches which continued all day. Seven doctors and four alternative medical practitioners subjected me to the most diverse therapies, but nobody could help me. Every day I swallowed tablets as though they were sweets -Thomapyrin (Aspirin combined with acetaminophen and caffeine), Spalt (Aspirin combined with acetominophen), Gelonida (acetaminophen combined with codeine phosphate), Methadone, Optadygon, Aspirin, etc. Twelve tablets a day. None of them had a lasting effect. A neurologist diagnosed circulation problems in my head and prescribed Cinnarizin 75, Magnesium verla, Diclophlogont-50 suppositories and Ergo Lonarid. Once again the effect was short-term.

After my introduction to the teachings of Bruno Gröning, in March 1991, I had the most severe headache, with nausea and pains all over my body, for one day. The following day all the pain was gone and has never returned. After 36 years, I cannot put into words how relieved I am.

Healing of harms caused by circulation problems

Mrs I. S. (55), Olpe (Germany)

For 19 years I continually had severe headaches. The pain was mainly on the top of my head, although it sometimes extended to the back. The pressure was unbearable. My house doctor considered that circulation problems were to blame. I took tablets which eased the pain, but as the effects wore off, the pain came back.

In July 1991 I heard about the teachings of Bruno Gröning. Three months later I experienced healing. Since then I have been free from years of headaches.

Healing of harms in general without special diagnosis

Mr H. J. M. (64), Altenkirchen (Germany)

I suffered from headaches every day for over thirty years. I took Spalt (Aspirin combined with acetaminophen) tablets to ease the pain. At the end of the 1960's, in the course of a visit to my doctor, I mentioned this problem. From then onwards I received Neuralgin (Aspirin combined with acetaminophen and caffeine) tablets. When the pains were really bad I alternated these with the Spalt tablets. In this way I sometimes took up to twelve tablets a day. Despite this I was only free from pain for 1 - 2 hours a day.

The headaches continued for 14 days after my introduction to the teachings of Bruno Gröning, on February 6, 1991. They began every morning, but were weaker every day. Since March 1991 I have not had a headache and my years of suffering are over.

Healing of harms in general without special diagnosis

Mrs I. D. (57), Bochum (Germany)

Fifteen years ago, for no apparent reason, I suddenly developed a headache and since then I was never without it, day or night. The pain woke me at night. Because of this, I was always tired during the day and my housework became a burden. Sometimes I just couldn't stand the headache and took tablets. When the effect wore off, the pain was back.

After my introduction to the teachings of Bruno Gröning, in October 1993, I was without pain for a few days. Then it was back exactly as before and sometimes it was even worse. Since the beginning of December 1993 I have been completely free from headaches. I sleep well again and no longer need tablets.

Healing of harms in general without special diagnosis

Mrs K. H. (48), Bremen (Germany)

For 15 years I had headaches which occurred about three times a month after stressful situations and grew progressively worse. I woke in the morning with a pain boring through the back of my head and extending to my right eye. Despite four tablets of Thomapyrin (Aspirin combined with acetaminophen and caffeine) the headache persisted all day.

Immediately after my introduction to the teachings of Bruno Gröning this condition stopped. Some three months later the pain recurred in a much weaker form, but then never again. For the past three years I have been completely free from headaches.

החלמות מכאבי ראש

מר ל. ס. (בן 56), אולפה (גרמניה)

במשך 31 שנים סבלתי מכאבי ראש, אך מעולם לא ביקרתי אצל רופא. פשוט לא רציתי ללכת. הכאב -תחושת כאב לרוחב כל החלק העליון של הראש- הייתה התחיל ב-7 בבוקר ונכח כל היום. הייתי לוקח עד חמישה כדורים של Tomapyrin (אספירין משולב עם פרצטמול וקפאין) במשך היום. הם היו מספקים הקלה ל-4 עד 5 שעות, אבל אחרי זה הכאב היה מתחיל שוב. לפני ההליכה למיטה בלילה, הייתי לוקח עוד כדור שילווה אותי עד סוף הלילה. לפעמים, למרות זאת, לא הייתי נרדם, ואז הייתי לוקח עוד שני כדורים כדי להירדם.

שמעתי על תורתו של ברונו גרונינג ביוני 1991. מייד אחרי שיחת ההכרות, כאבי הראש נהיו פחות אגרסיביים ויכולתי להוריד את מספר הכדורים. אחרי 10-14 ימים, הבעיות שלי פתאום נעלמו. כעת, אחרי 31 שנים, אני לגמרי חופשי מבעיות.

החלמה מכאבי ראש - שנגרמו עקבי בעיות בחוליות הצוואריות

מר. ה. ר. (בן 65), ווגברג (גרמניה)

במשך 25 שנים, היו לי כאבי ראש תמידיים. לפעמים, הם היו כה עזים עד שלא יכולתי לעבוד ונאלצתי להישאר במיטה. הרופאים אמרו שהבעיה נבעה מהחוליות הצוואריות בעמוד השדרה. לפעמים הייתי כל כך נואש שלקחתי עד 10 כדורי פרונטופירין ליום (Prontopyrin – אציטאמינופן משולב עם קופאין) ולעיתים קרובות הייתי מקבל טיפול מהאורתופד שלי לשחרור החוליות הצוואריות. הכאבים היו נעלמים לכמה ימים אך לאחר מכן חזרו בעוצמה חמורה כמו קודם.

לאחר שהתוודעתי לשיטתו של ברונו גרונינג בנובמבר 1987, לא סבלתי יותר מכאבי ראש ולא נטלתי יותר כדורים. אני לא חושב שמישהו יכול להבין איך זה מרגיש להיות משוחרר מכאב אחרי 25 שנה.


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