Healing from enteritis and torsion-scoliosis with shortening of the leg

Josef Müller (55), Ingolstadt (Germany)

Bowel actions five or six times a day was always normal for me. But because I didn’t really have any pain I rarely went to the doctor. The agreed upon diagnosis was enteritis (chronic bowel disorder.) I was prescribed charcoal tablets, which makes the stool temporarily firmer and I only had to go to the toilet once or twice. As soon as I stopped taking them, the stool slowly became softer again and I could end up going to the toilet up to seven times per day. I lived with this for decades.

The pain was as normal as my jacket and pants

I also had chronic pain in my back since early childhood. This continuous pain in my spine was as familiar to me as my shirt and pants. Life without this pain was foreign to me. Apart from the constant pain I often stumbled or felt that the floor was uneven. Even while dancing, I made involuntarily hopping movements. I also limped frequently. Nevertheless, from an early age I had to do a lot of heavy work on my parents' farm - often through gritted teeth. After numerous visits to doctors, in 1985 an orthopedist recognized the cause of my suffering: Through X-rays and measurements (placing plates under my feet until I stood straight), he noted a pelvic obliquity. There was no cure and no operation for it. The only thing that could help was to build up the sole of my left shoe by an extra 1.3 cm. With this, I finally was able to move without pain.

A regular bowel movement

After I had been introduced to the teaching of Bruno Gröning in 1992, straight away in the first community hour I had a very strong and pleasant feeling of warmth in my stomach, which lasted about 20 minutes. Since then I go to the toilet very normally, usually only once per day or even every other day without taking any kind of medication.

Finally, able to walk barefoot

After another Community Hour on 26 January 1994 at 11pm, I had such severe pain from the waist down, I wanted to scream. Even contact with the blanket caused me pain. The next morning, I was pain-free. This strong Regelung occurred only at night and lasted for three days, each time for about three hours. It was so bad that I would have preferred not to go to bed. On 7 February 1994 I had another check-up by a doctor, as I had the feeling again that I was standing crookedly. X-Rays and measurements showed that my pelvis was completely straight. So today I can wear normal shoes and even run barefoot without any discomfort.

Medical Commentary:

Mr M.’s chronic back pain was due to an underlying disorder of the spine. The torsion scoliosis with an associated obliquely tilted pelvis led to a shortening of his left leg by 1.3 cm. The pain syndrome is due to the resulting tension of the ligaments in the pelvic area and was improved with a height adjustment in the left shoe. From experience, such a prolonged pelvic obliquity will not resolve itself spontaneously. The healing process, which began with several days of strong (Regelung) pain cannot be explained by the usual medical thinking. During this time no special measures or particularly strenuous activities were performed. For me as a doctor, it is always deeply impressive to witness that the Heilstrom eliminates suffering where for decades human art was in vain.
Dr. H. H., MD


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