Heilung von chronischen Rückenschmerzen nach Bandscheibenvorfall

Ruth Berg (47), Emek (Israel)

Ruth  Berg (47), Emek (Israel)Starting in 1991, I had pain in my lower back and cervical spine which got progressively worse over the years. The pain attacks went from the right to the left side of my back, shooting down to the buttocks and then through the thigh down to my feet. Now and then my neck would hurt. I had the feeling that my neck was stiff and I had difficulty turning my head. The palms of my hands felt numb and my grip was weak.

Numbing the pain

Because of the unacceptable pain I needed high doses of painkillers — Ibuprofen, 600 mg six times a day plus Diclofenac, 100 mg injected twice a week. I was given massages, reflex zone massage, physiotherapy, hot baths, and orthopedic shoes with insoles. But the relief for my back was only short-lived, and the lameness in my numb legs and hands returned and for a long time I wasn’t able to sit or stand in one place. I had to lie in a kind of prone position and had little relief.

Only functioning

But as single mother and sole wage earner I had to function somehow. So I continued to go to work. Although it was “only” office work, it was a great physical strain for me. At home, too, there were always demands on me as the mother of two daughters. What kept me going were pills and the ability to take a hot bath and go to bed after the hours of strain. Despite the painkillers I often wasn’t able to sleep. It was an odyssey: numerous orthopedists took countless x-rays, and prescribed swimming and exercises for my muscles along with physiotherapy, painkillers, salves and relaxation exercises. But it all brought only temporary improvement. A CAT scan in the year 2004 confirmed a herniated disk between the fifth and sixth lumbar vertebrae. The specialist making the diagnosis recommended an operation.

Healing at the spring conference of the Circle of Friends

In the year 2006 I learned of the Bruno Gröning Circle of Friends from a good friend. Right at the first meeting of the local group I opened up my heart and had a feeling of warmth and love, joy, inner peace, and serenity. I was “at home”. Since it did me good, I did einstellen regularly. At first I had to continue taking the pain pills because the pain remained unchanged. In May of 2007 I attended the spring conference of the Circle of Friends in Jerusalem, which was led by Grete Häusler, leader of the Circle of Friends for many years. During the conference I had a stiff neck and the back pain was almost unbearable, but I remained still and calm. Then, when a part of the documentary film on Bruno Gröning was shown and I heard his words, I sensed the Heilstrom entering my body and streaming through my head, my throat, my shoulders, hands and entire spine, down into my legs and feet. It was like electricity moving through my entire body - and suddenly the pain was gone. It all simply disappeared! Since then I have been free from the pain that had lasted for 16 years. I no longer need the many painkillers. I have been doing my housework myself since the healing and can also sleep the whole night through again.

Doctor’s commentary

The spontaneous healing from the long years of chronic pain syndrome is inexplicable from a medical viewpoint. Without an operation, Ms. Berg would have had to go on living with the pain. Even with an operation such a result would not have been expected.
G. Blättner, M.D.


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