Healings of soft tissue rheumatism (fibromyalgia)

Lilian Johannson (65) Rimini (Italien)

Healing from migraines, fibromyalgia, chronic shoulder pain (periarthritis humeroscapularis), carpal tunnel syndrome in the right hand, and decades of sciatica after two herniated disks

Lilian Johannson (65), Rimini (Italy)

It would be a long story to describe in detail the development of all the many illnesses I had, some of them for decades, until I was finally liberated in a wonderful way by absorption of the Heilstrom.

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Els Frederiks (60), Sittard (Niederlande)

Healing from fibromyalgia (soft tissue rheumatism) after 45 years

Els Frederiks (60), Sittard (Netherlands)

It had begun in my hands, back then in 1960. I was 14 years old at the time. I couldn't control my hands any more, they would regularly get cramps; it was very painful. At 15 I was operated on for the first time. At 21 there was a second operation on the muscles of both hands. But the cramps and pain remained. When I visited a rheumatologist at the age of 22, the pain had spread to my arms, shoulders, neck and part of my skeleton - especially the ribs. I even felt a strong pressure on my head, up on my skull. The doctor prescribed mud baths and painkillers. However, the permanent fatigue and the permanent pain in my bones and ribs remained unchanged.

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I. Morina (59)

Healing from fibromyalgia (soft tissue rheumatism)

Ida Morina (59), Rotterdam (Netherlands)

In 1999 I developed physical problems. It began with a stabbing pain in my right arm. Later came a continuing, gnawing pain which got worse on using the arm. My family doctor thought I had “tennis arm”. He prescribed physical therapy, which, however, brought only short-term improvement. As this wore off the pain spread through both hands and arms. It was similar to the pain described above. Because of the pain I was no longer able to do my housekeeping - washing and vacuuming, among other things. By April of 2002, these problems had become so severe that I was also unable to handle my job. Life became more and more difficult, I felt exhausted and didn’t feel like doing anything anymore.

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Vindecarea de reumatism muscular

Doamna N. D. (49), (Germania)

De 15 ani am suferit de dureri şi lipsă de vlagă în braţe, genunchi şi spate. Durerile au fost mereu prezente. Într-o clinică reumatologică s-a constatat un reumatism muscular, într-o altă clinică, de data aceasta ortopedică, s-a constatat un sindrom al coloanei vertebrale. Am fost supusă unui tratament cu medicamente, alifii, gimnastică medicală, masaj şi acupunctură, dar fără vreun succes prea mare.

În timpul unei conferinţe de introducere în învăţătura lui Bruno Gröning am simţit mai întâi furnicături uşoare în mâini, care în decurs de trei săptămâni s-au întins peste tot corpul. De atunci nu mai am dureri.


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