Healing from severe chronic headaches

John Leiker (55), Buffalo (USA), about his brother Bernie Leiker (57)

John Leiker (55), Buffalo (USA), über seinen Bruder Bernie Leiker (57)

My older brother Bernie is without doubt the person I most admire. He was always there when I needed help. I can't remember a single time when I asked a favor of him that he said "no".

I was five years old. Bernie was seven. We were going to school together, a distance of about half a mile. The way took us over a heavily traveled street. I still remember the words of my mother, "Bernie, keep an eye on your little brother!" It was raining that morning when we arrived at the crossing. I ran ahead of my brother over the street as a car turned into the main street. I froze as I saw the car coming toward me. The driver hadn't seen me. My brother ran onto the street and shoved me out of danger, but the car hit him and threw him 15 yards away. His head struck the concrete curb. He lay there unconscious in a pool of blood.

Bernie had suffered a severe cerebral trauma. The doctors thought he would die. He recovered very slowly and had to stay in the hospital for months. He had saved my life. A seven-year-old doesn't usually just throw himself in front of a car like that to save someone else, but my brother had done that.

In the year 2002 Bernie had a severe auto accident that wasn't his fault. He was brought unconscious to the nearest hospital. Again he had a severe cranial injury. After that he was tormented every day by severe migraine-like headaches. There was hardly an hour when he was free from pain.

Some of his mental abilities had decreased to the primary school level. Before the accident his IQ was 165. In addition, he suffered from the restriction that his brain couldn't stand too much outside influence. Thus, for example, even two people in a room could bring about this effect.

All family celebrations, even Christmas, were held without my brother. He loved books, but reading was impossible for him. An enthusiastic English teacher, he had to go into early retirement. We loved to go camping together, but he always had to suffer. In the three years after his accident, Bernie had paid about $100,000 for medication, but without success.

My brother wanted to die - and was spontaneously healed

In September, 2005 I got a call from Bernie's wife. She was crying on the telephone and asked me for help, saying, ‘Bernie wants to die. He is already writing letters of farewell to everyone'. I was speechless and didn't know what to say.

The next day I met with my big brother. I wanted to tell him that there was still hope, but I myself didn't really believe it. And Bernie said, 'John, you always said that you would like to die. I don't want to - I love life. If there is more than one life, then I want to keep coming back. I didn't want you to read this in a letter. I had to tell you personally. I love you, John, but this is no life'.

On that evening I went home and cried in desperation. With all my heart I mentally asked Bruno Gröning for help. Since that night, Bernie's headaches have disappeared. The tightness in his head is gone. He can read again. He is extremely active and enjoys life just as before. He is normal again. I have never spoken to my brother about what happened that night. It is enough that he is doing well.

Medical commentary:

Bernie Leiker had suffered a severe cranial trauma for the second time in his life. The result was an organic neuropsychological brain syndrome with severe migraine-like headaches. A continuation of the pain symptomatology of long years' duration would have been expected. The spontaneous disappearance of the chronic headaches and all concomitant symptoms of the cranial injury in definite chronological relationship with the brother's mental request for healing borders on the miraculous. From a medical point of view I have no explanation.


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