Healing of Pancreatitis

Margot Miebach (65), Cologne (Germany)

In 1972 colic-like pains appeared in my upper abdomen, sometimes so intense, that I was prescribed opiates. After every meal I suffered from nausea and diarrhea. Sometimes I was so weak, that I couldn't hold a teaspoon. From 1972 to 1974 I survived on baby and toddler food only. I was bloated and my weight went down to 97 pounds (44 kg) [regular weight 110 pounds (50kg).] The doctors diagnosed me with acute pancreatitis. This disease occurs in acute attacks; in my case it became chronic. Sometimes I had an attack once or twice a day, sometimes every few days or once a week, sometimes I was OK for a whole month. They were triggered by certain foods, worry, stress and without any discernible reason. When it was very bad I had to spend a day or two in bed.

Hanging in there!

Later I was also diagnosed with exocrine pancreatic insufficiency. Due to the many inflammations the glands didn't produce enough digestive enzymes. This caused bloating, diarrhea, a feeling of pressure and fullness. Medical treatment brought relief. Before every meal I took Pankreon 700 and paspertindrops, as well as pancytrat 20,000 later on. In spite of this, it limited me so much that on a visit to France, I literally wanted to go into the water (to drown). But my will to live was stronger. A stay at a health resort in 1974 strengthened me, and I was even able to reintroduce some foods into my diet. I couldn't go without the medication though. The doctor wasn't able to promise me any further help. With strong determination I lasted in my job as a business leader. That's how it was for more than 20 years.


I came to the teaching of Bruno Gröning through friends. On the 12 February 1992 I was introduced in Cologne. The healing came step by step. Because of the lack of enzymes in my body I took the medicine Pancytrat until March 1995. Slowly, after 20 years of living on very restricted diet, I could eat more and more. I knew deep inside, ‘Now you’ve made it.’

Fit and healthy

It was a highlight, when in 1996, after 24 years I could eat chips without any problems. It has now been more than five years, that I don't take any pills and have no more pain. My weight is back to normal. I can go to work upright and full of energy.

Medical Commentary:

In Margot Miebach’s case, a functional weakness of the pancreas (insufficiency) existed due to chronic recurrent inflammation (pancreatitis). The reduced formation of the necessary digestive enzymes causes the typical abdominal symptoms described and requires a strict, above all low-fat diet and, if necessary, replacement of missing enzymes. New episodes may cause the inflammation to flare up repeatedly. This confirmed recurrent pancreatitis lasted for 20 years. As damage to the pancreas cannot be repaired from a medical point of view, it characteristically it becomes chronic, meaning permanent. Even more surprising here, contradicting standard medical experience, is that through absorbing the Heilstrom regularly since 1992, a regeneration processes was set in motion, which over the course of three years, led to not only a subjective sense of freedom from the burden, but also a laboratory-proven healing.


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