Healings of hay fever (pollinosis)

Healing from bronchial asthma and grass pollen allergy

Werner Kirmer (59), Hoyerswerda (Germany)

I was burdened with bronchitis since childhood. My military service, to which I was called despite the fact that the bronchitis hadn’t healed, was “ended” after only 14 days. I spent it, so to speak, in the sick bay. After six months I was finally withdrawn from service. The diagnosis was “bronchial asthma”. Toward the end of the seventies it was determined that, in addition to the asthma, I also suffered from a grass pollen allergy.

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Healing of hay fever

Mr M. H. (29), Bremen (Germany)

Twelve years ago I suddenly developed hay fever. The problems (itching throat and eyes, running nose and sneezing attacks) were brought on by warm days between May and August and became progressively worse each year. I was prescribed tablets which only helped for a day.

Ten years after the allergy began I heard an introductory talk on the teachings of Bruno Gröning. Subsequently I went to a community meeting on a very hot summer evening. I had forgotten to take a tablet and the symptoms were very strong. Amazingly, during the meeting the symptoms decreased until they disappeared totally. Since then my hay fever has never recurred. I am very grateful for this healing.

Healing of hay fever

Mrs A. P. (47), Stuttgart (Germany)

For about five years, especially in March and April, I suffered from itching, watery eyes that were red and swollen, a nose that ran continuously and constant sneezing, I was frequently unable to sleep at night because of bronchial congestion which made breathing difficult.

I was introduced to the Bruno Gröning Circle of Friends in October 1989. I have been completely free from this problem since March 1990.

Healing of hay fever

Mrs R. B. (36), Olpe (Germany)

The first symptoms of hayfever manifested when I was 13. As soon as the first blossoms appeared I sneezed up to 30 times in succession, my nose was alternately blocked then running, my eyes swelled and I began to cough. My house doctor confirmed that I had hayfever. The treatment, which included tablets, a nasal spray, eye drops and injections, did not bring about a substantial improvement. A transfusion of my own blood, made some time later, did result in an improvement but not a cure.

In May 1990, three months after my introduction to the teachings of Bruno Gröning, I realised that although everything was in bloom I no longer had any hayfever symptoms. This continued throughout the summer of 1990 and the summer of the following year. Since then I have been completely free from this problem.

Healing of hay fever

Mrs T. B. (36), Ingolstadt (Germany)

At the age of 16 I began to have hayfever. Almost every day when I got up I had sneezing attacks and my nose ran the whole morning. My doctors diagnosed an allergy to house dust, mites, flower pollen and mould fungus. I used eye drops and nasal sprays and went to be desensitised. Nothing helped, it just got worse.

Following my introduction to the Bruno Gröning Circle of Friends in November 1993, my condition continually improved over the next twelve months and now I am completely cured.

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