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Making films in the Bruno Gröning Circle of Friends

Fotos von FilmaufnahmenWhen Bruno Gröning became well-known in 1949 there was enormous media interest. Not only the press and radio reported but also the film newsreels. Already in late summer of 1949 the Munich film producer Rolf Engler completed an extensive film documentary about Bruno Gröning which ran in cinemas in October 1949 drawing big audiences. Bruno Gröning placed himself entirely and completely at the disposal of the film makers and hoped for a truthful report.

In the Bruno Gröning Circle of Friends film work began in the 80's. A friend filmed with his private VHS camera some conferences or community hours and placed the recordings at the disposal of other friends. Later this work was arranged such that today most conferences are filmed and can be borrowed for free in the form of DVDs.

Since the beginning of the 90's professional film recordings were also made in the Circle of Friends. Several shorter film documentaries were made about Bruno Gröning and events in the Circle of Friends as well as some longer full-evening films of cinema quality. Altogether more than a hundred interviews with contemporary witnesses from the 50's were recorded and several hundred interviews with friends and healed persons from the Circle of Friends.

An important part of this film work is the success reports. Since the year 1990 many interviews were held in which friends reported on how they found healing by spiritual means through the teaching of Bruno Gröning. Thus many impressive films originated from which spectators can draw faith and confidence and realize the significance of the events concerning Bruno Gröning.

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