Healings of diabetes (diabetes mellitus)

Healing of non-insulin-dependent

Mrs I. B. (75), Hamburg (Germany)

My family doctor diagnosed my blood sugar level at 213 mg/dl. Despite medication (two tablets of Euglucon daily) and a diet, the level rose in time to 250-350 mg/dl. I felt weak, listless and exhausted and could no longer run my home.

I was introduced to the teachings of Bruno Gröning in April 1984 and suddenly, three months later, I had a feeling of complete freedom. A follow-up examination by my doctor showed that my blood sugar level had dropped to 119 mg/dl. I have not taken any tablets since then and no longer have extreme thirst and a dry mouth. Further check-ups by my doctor showed that my levels have remained acceptable. I feel fresh, lively and fit as a fiddle and can manage my housework once again.

Healing of insulin-dependent

Mrs E. M. (65), Ulm (Germany)

In June 1990 my house doctor diagnosed a blood sugar level of 401 mg/dl. He prescribed one tablet of Euglucon-N daily, but this was soon increased to two, then later to three tablets a day just to maintain halfway normal values. In the summer of 1991 I also had to take insulin in addition to three Euglucon and three Glucobay tablets.In 1994 I found my way to the Bruno Gröning Circle of Friends and from then onwards my condition began to improve. I was able to reduce my insulin intake progressively since my sugar level was so good. I have not needed insulin since March 1995. Today (1997) I no longer need a strict diet - I only avoid sugar - and my daily dose of Euglucon and Glucoby is down to half a tablet of each a day.

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