Healing from alcohol addiction

R. B. (46), Rotterdam (Netherlands)

I started to drink alcohol regularly at the age of 20. At the age of 30 I drank 11 to 12 half liter bottles of beer every single day and in the winter at work (at the harbor) I usually added a shot of alcohol to my coffee or tea. Since 1985 the problems I had - mood swings, depression, aggressiveness, nervousness “ increased tremendously. Sometimes I didn't have any concept of time. Because of all those problems my wife moved out of the house with our children.

It was my wife who brought me to the Bruno Gröning Circle of Friends in June, 1994. But after a good start I stopped going to the community hours.

In June, 1998, I sat at the table one evening with three cans of beer and the picture of Bruno Gröning in front of me. After I had opened the last can of beer I shouted desperately at the picture: "Man, who the hell are you? Help me!" In the course of the following hours I saw my whole life before me like a film. In one of those moments I realized, for example, how my children became scared when all I wanted to do was reprimand them in a loving way. When I finally was able to realize the mistakes I had made I became so happy inwardly. In the following three days I had diarrhea and vomiting. Sometimes I had to cry bitterly. Afterwards all the problems had disappeared. Since then I haven't touched any alcohol and there was no desire for it any more. My wife moved back with the children.

Psychologist's commentary:

For more than 10 years Mr. B. drank 11 to 12 bottles of beer every day. Mood swings between aggression and depression that are typical to an alcoholic ensued. His wife's endeavors to separate from him when she moved out of the house temporarily weren't successful. Mr. B. refused to accept any medical or psychological help.

Four years after the first contact with the Bruno Gröning Circle of Friends in June, 1998, an impressive cleansing reaction happened. Such reactions are known in homeopathy. Since that time Mr. B. is free from alcohol addiction and his social behavior has changed as well. This was not at all predictable. Neither psychology nor psychotherapy can offer an explanation for this healing process.

P. W. L., Psychologist


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