Healings of psoriasis

Heilung von Schuppenflechte

Healing from psoriasis

Szegedi Sándorné (61), Nyíregyháza (Hungary)

Eight or nine years ago, around the year 1999, a scale-like rash appeared on my upper arms near the elbows. At first I didn't think much about it. I noticed that the rash would always appear toward the end of winter or in early spring. But as time went on it increased and finally this strange, scale-like rash would appear not only on my arms, but also on my legs, thighs and waist.


Healing of harm for more than years on different sites

Mrs K. K. (64), Bremerhaven (Germany)

I have suffered from psoriasis from birth. I was told it was incurable. I obtained temporary relief from bathing in the sea, various supplements in my bath, ultraviolet ray treatment and ointments. My skin was dry, scaly, taut and it itched. It often cracked open, particularly in winter, when it bled and was very painful. In summer the sun gave me some relief but as the winter approached my condition worsened again. For decades I had to smother myself mornings and evenings in thick layers of ointment.

In July 1994, two months after my introduction to the teachings of Bruno Gröning, the psoriasis was fully healed. My skin is smooth and healthy and I no longer need fatty ointments.

Healing of harm on the forehead (more than years)

Mrs L. K. (62), Budapest (Hungary)

For 20 years I had a psoriasis-type skin problem about 1.5 cm in diameter on my temple. No ointment helped and a diet ordered by my doctor also had no effect.

In 1993 I heard about absorbing the healing stream according to the teachings of Bruno Gröning. Only two weeks later I noticed that the scab was no longer so thick! After another two weeks had gone by the condition had cleared up and so it remains until today.


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