Healing from partial deafness of the left ear

Uschi Eckes (60), Düsseldorf (Germany)

Uschi Eckes (60), Düsseldorf  (Deutschland)At the age of four I pierced my eardrum with a hairpin. My left ear festered continually and until I was 16 my middle ear and auditory canal became inflamed once a month. Often I couldn't go to school because of the severe pain and wasn't allowed to participate in swimming.

A partial deafness remained

In 1960 my left ear was operated on at the University Clinic in Düsseldorf, and the eardrum was renewed. Since then I've no longer had any inflammation. However, the ENT doctor determined after several examinations that I could hardly hear out of my left ear. I had to telephone a lot in my professional life and for over 40 years held the receiver to my right ear because I couldn't understand anything out of my left ear. In order to write with my right hand I wedged a receiver-prop between chin and shoulder, which was very annoying.

I also felt insecure on the street because I couldn't hear cyclists passing by me to the left on the pavement. I also had trouble understanding everything when conversing. But then I didn't go to the doctor with this complaint any more - I had already accepted it.

"We help one another ...

In August, 2002 I was introduced by my sister-in-law to the teachings of Bruno Gröning. In March, 2004 I tuned in especially one evening for the son of a colleague who was very hard of hearing and wore powerful hearing aids in both ears. I sincerely asked Bruno Gröning that the boy be healed. I felt a very strong Heilstrom all over my body, and my entire body was bathed in a bright light, something I had never experienced before. It was a wonderful experience for me. Afterward, I thought that my colleague's son had received healing, which wasn't, however, the case. I didn't even give a thought to my left ear.

... God all of us." (Bruno Gröning)

During a community hour I suddenly realized that I had recently been holding the telephone receiver to my left ear. I asked a friend to whisper something in my left ear, and I understood it. Thus I myself had been granted healing that evening. I can hear again properly from the ear and am full of joy and very happy about it. I now feel secure on the street and hear the cyclists on the pavement. I can calmly follow all conversations regardless of where I am sitting or standing. It is so nice to hold the receiver on the left and listen to stereo music with headphones. The quality of my life is much better. I have had a hearing test with very good results.

Medical commentary:

Uschi Eckes suffered until she was 16 from a chronic inflammation of the middle ear that was remedied by an operation. However after the operation she was hard of hearing in her left ear until March, 2004. No hearing aids were used, nor were any other medical measures taken. It is highly probable that Ms. Eckes lost the partial deafness of long years' duration after an intensive connection with the Heilstrom. The follow-up examination showed findings appropriate to her age, which, given her history, would not normally have been expected. That Ms. Eckes can hear normally again after so many years cannot be explained by medically.
D. V., M.D.


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