Healing from shoulder pain

Rita Kirsinger (55), Germany

In early April, 2005, I started suffering from continual shoulder pain and could hardly move my right arm. On April 4, 2005 I was admitted to the Ravensburg Hospital to receive a "port" (vein access point). During the small operation on the front of my right shoulder a tendon was damaged to the extent that I could no longer move my arm and had pain from then on. I was able to do only the most necessary housework, and my husband always had to help me dress and undress. For this pain I was given "Novalgin" and "Arthotec-forte", which only occasionally helped for about half an hour. Otherwise, the pain was always there. The doctors determined that there was an inflammation of the right shoulder.

On April 18, 2005 an x-ray examination was done on my right shoulder (CAT scan) in the hospital. They found a tear in a muscle tendon with inflammatory changes in the shoulder area.

Spontaneous healing during film screening

Through a leaflet I became aware of Bruno Gröning's documentary film, to be shown in Gaisbeuren near Bad Waldsee on April 30, 2005.

On April 30, 2005 I went with my sister to the showing of the documentary and paid close attention to the events back then. When Bruno Gröning spoke I felt a tingling and felt touched in my heart. After that scene came one in which a man was able to lift his stiff arm again after many years. Then I noticed that something had happened in my shoulder area and felt no more pain. I wanted to lift my arm right away, but was afraid and shy in front of the people.

Before I went to bed that evening I wanted to know if I could raise my arm and indeed, I was suddenly able to hold it up again and noticed that I was pain-free. The next morning, upon arising, I tried again to hold my arm up and I did it without pain. When I told my husband about it at breakfast he wept with emotion over this healing and began to concern himself with the teachings of Bruno Gröning. Since that time I have again been able to help my son with the renovation of the house and do the housework myself.

Medical commentary:

During a thoroughgoing examination, including CAT scan, Rita Kirsinger was determined to have inflammatory-degenerative changes in a tendon important to shoulder function. This is medically known as the "supraspinatus tendon syndrome". As Mrs. Kirsinger mentioned in a personal conversation, she was unable to lift her right arm over 90 degrees and was often dependent on her husband for help. Pain-killers had brought no noteworthy improvement in her complaints.

Normally with such an illness a prolonged course of medical treatment, physical therapy and physiotherapy is expected, and often an operation is unavoidable.

That such complaints could "spontaneously" improve (after viewing the documentary film on Bruno Gröning) as in this report and the arm be moved painlessly and fully on the following day as Mrs. Kirsinger assures, is very unusual in the illness at hand and inexplicable from a medical point of view.

M. K., M. D.


Filmul documentar:
Bruno Gröning”

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