Spontaneously healed after ten years of continual headaches

Daniela H. (25), Hamburg (Germany)

I suffered from headaches from 1989/90 on. Shortly before this pain, which tormented me 24 hours a day, first appeared, I had suffered a light brain concussion by falling on my head while ice-skating. The doctors I consulted attributed the pain to that.

Already the falling of a pin seemed unbearably loud to me

Because of the continual headaches it was seldom possible for me to enjoy a deep and restful sleep. I often had problems getting to sleep and sometimes couldn't sleep the whole night. I was often tired, couldn't handle stress and had trouble understanding and concentrating. I was so sensitive to noise and odours that literally the falling of a pin seemed unbearably loud to me. I withdrew, didn't want to speak to anyone, talk on the telephone or go out. A computer tomography and several EEGs carried out by the doctors for clarification were inconclusive. The doctors prescribed a painkiller for me which brought only temporary relief. They finally diagnosed chronic long-term headaches and told me that I had to accept that.

What I then experienced exceeded all my expectations

I learned of Bruno Gröning and his teachings in July 2001 through my best friend and her mother. At first spiritual healing through the teachings of Bruno Gröning didn't mean much to me. But after informing myself on the Internet I decided to attend an Information Lecture on July 22, 2001 in Weiden to check on what I had read.

What I then experienced exceeded all my expectations. I was able to easily accept what was said in the lecture and also perceived a very pleasant tingling - a streaming - in my body. They told me it was the 'Heilstrom' already. Although I had thought about a possible healing, I was not even close to having the firm belief and trust that I, too, could become well. However, back home again after the lecture I got an especially severe headache. I had never before experienced a headache in this form. I could hardly endure it. The pain was accompanied by severe nausea. I immediately thought of Regelungen. My friend supported me in this belief. After about three or three-and-a-half hours I had to vomit, then the headache and nausea disappeared in an instant.

Since then the continual headache that had accompanied me so many years has simply been gone. I can sleep deeply and restfully again and have found joy in life again. Today I still feel grateful that I was spontaneously granted my health after all the years.

Medical commentary:

The spontaneous healing of chronic- or also tension headache pain after the introduction to the teachings of Bruno Gröning is inexplicable for me as a doctor.


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