Изцеление от алкохолна зависимост

Healing from alcohol addiction

E. P. (55), Modena (Italy)

In the year 1992 I found myself in a very difficult time. My mother had died, and I had to care for my old father. My father was invalid because of his blindness and had a very difficult character. In addition to that I had to take care of my own family-my husband and two sons-and there was also my work. Without being aware of it I kept increasing the amount of wine I was drinking every day-about two glasses with meals more or less to have the strength to bear the great burden on my shoulders. I tried to stop but didn’t succeed; on the contrary it got worse and worse and the amount of wine kept increasing even when my duties decreased. All of this influenced my life and the people close to me. Sometimes when I was nervous and angry I would let out my aggression on my husband or my sons for no apparent reason or on ridiculous grounds. I tried to isolate myself from the others because I didn’t want them to notice what was going on with me but most of all because I was ashamed of it. I felt guilty but couldn’t stop. To overcome the yearning for wine I did Reiki and took Bach-blossom extract for months-without success.

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Healing from alcohol and marijuana dependence

E. G. (39), Mistelbach (Austria)

When I was approximately ten years old I began to drink alcohol because I wanted to belong. Every day I went with my neighbour, a vintner, into his wine cellar to regularly drink wine (3-4 eighths, 375 ml). My parents were against this and forbade me to go, but I didn’t obey them. My school performance was also very weak. In the following years the amount kept increasing. At 14 I was already drinking a bottle of wine a day. When I began to go to discos during my job training I also drank high-proof on the weekends as well.
In 1985, at the age of 19, I first came into contact with drugs in the army. At first I smoked marijuana only on weekends. Due to an accident with my wrist followed by an operation when I was 12, I had severe wrist pain¸ especially whilst in the army and because of that I had increased my alcohol consumption so much that I often drank myself unconscious. Especially in the army I suffered so much from loneliness and lack of understanding that I wanted to put an end to my life.

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Изцеление от зависимост от алкохол

Г-н В.Х. (37 г) (Германия)

Цели десет години имаx

проблеми с алкоx

ола. Пиеx

само "твърдо" (уиски, коняк, ракия и т.н.) и то винаги повече от необx

одимото. Не пиеx

всеки ден, но ставаше все повече. Когато жена ми беше нощна смяна, стигаx

до половин бутилка ракия. И по този начин жена ми и децата отиваx

а все повече на заден план.

Чрез баща ми през февруари 1990 г. се запознаx

с учението на Бруно Грьонинг. Благодарение на учението и на настройването за приемане на божествената сила аз можаx

да спра пиенето в рамките на 14 дни. Не ми беше трудно, а и сега вече нямам никаква потребност от алкоx

ол. Чувствам се наистина облекчен и отново се разбирам добре със семейството си.


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