Изцеление от смесена консумация
(Канабис, LSD, Спид)

Heilung von Drogenabhängigkeit (chemische Drogen, Haschisch, Alkohol) sowie von Depressionen

Healing of drug addiction (chemical drugs, hashish, alcohol) as well as depression

J. K. (32), Murnau (Germany)

At the age of 14 we usually drank several cola-mixes (half beer, half cola) after football games. At home with my parents, too, it was normal to drink alcohol on the weekend or at parties. Even as a small child I was permitted to have a sip or to lick out the rest from the empty Underberg bottles. Once I was able to drink a whole bottle, which I vomited up afterward. When I was 16 my consumption increased. On the weekend and at parties I would often drink a mix of everything -beer, wine, whiskey, etc. When I got older it was always my goal to drink as much as I could without vomiting. My body had become used to the continual use of alcohol and I didn’t get hangovers anymore.

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Heilung von Drogen- und Alkoholmissbrauch

Healing from drug and alcohol abuse

W. B. (39), Berlin (Germany)

As a teenager approximately 20 years ago, I did sports on the one hand and on the other got the habit-at 16 years of age-of smoking and drinking beer. A year after that, I was taking hashish. I was training to be a mechanic at the time and occasionally smoked pot with my schoolmates. As life went on these habits became a matter of course. Even as a teenager I was sensitive and required harmony. Whenever conflict or bigger problems came up I avoided them or anesthetized myself. I perceived my social environment as being very materialistic, but saw no alternative for myself. I felt helpless and could hardly articulate my feelings. The drug consumption gradually increased. I smoked up to two packs of cigarettes a day. Therefore I suffered from drying up of the mucous membranes of the nose and throat. Acupuncture treatments brought relief, but for only about three weeks. I would drink alcohol-mainly beer and wine-until I was in a drunken stupor. I also took hashish, cocaine and Speed as well. On the day after I would have a bad conscience, false sensations, diarrhoea and sweating attacks.

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Изцеление от наркотична зависимост (разнородни субстанции)

Изцеление от наркотична зависимост (разнородни субстанции)

С.В. (22г.), Базел (Швейцария)

Започнах да пуша цигари на 12 годишна възраст. По това време родителите ми се разделиха. По-късно се сприятелих с човек, който пушеше трева всеки ден. В един момент и аз опитах, исках да разбера как се чувства той, докато пуши. Скоро започнах да пуша хашиш всеки ден, а през уикендите приемах и алкохол. Когато бях на 15, моя приятелка донесе амфетамини на едно парти. Попита ме дали искам да пробвам. И тук също много скоро започнах да усещам, че имам нужда от този наркотик всеки ден. Две седмици по-късно приех екстази за първи път на техно-парти. Скоро започнах да приемам наркотици всяка сутрин, също и в обедната почивка, а вечер така и така вземах. Понякога не спях по цяла седмица, хранех се само с малко хляб. За кратък период отслабнах с близо 10 кг. Бях бледа и недохранена.

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Healing from drug addiction

T. L. (23), Gmunden (Austria)

I would like to say in advance that until the year 2005 I was completely unbelieving and couldn’t even take the word "God" into my mouth. My drug addiction started in the year 1999. At the age of 17 a schoolmate introduced me to his "friends". They were consuming hashish and marijuana every day. I was offered a joint, and I didn’t turn it down because I wanted to belong. The feeling I got from the joint was indescribable. It made all my worries and bad thoughts disappear and everything was light and good.

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Healing from drug dependence (mixed consumption)

S. E. (25), Berlin (Germany)

In 1993 I began to smoke cigarettes. Six months later I was already smoking a pack every two days. Three months later, barely 16 years old, I was already consuming hashish and marijuana. I did this irregularly at first and also only on weekends. I was living with my parents at the time and it was shortly before my school graduation. These were the reasons I was very careful; I didn’t want anyone to notice anything. On weekends I usually stayed with friends and smoked two or three joints there. I thought I would be missing something if I didn’t smoke hashish with the others and anyway everyone did it. Also the inner emptiness disappeared and all my problems went away. After three or four weeks I discovered that it was possible to inhale the drugs. That way less drug was needed but the effect was even stronger.

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