Healing from Sudeck's syndrome

Vera Beritic (59), Split (Croatia)

Vera Beritic (59), Split (Kroatien)When I broke my left shoulder on January 31, 1996 my life fundamentally changed. Related to this was a nerve paralysis (nervus radialis) of my left hand and forearm. Four weeks in a plaster cast followed. The hand was violet coloured and swollen. I had very severe pain. Because of an allergy I couldn't take any painkillers. After the cast was removed I received physiotherapy.

Four months later

Four months later the doctors revealed to me that I was suffering from Sudeck's syndrome of the left hand and forearm as a result of the accident. There followed a two and a half year therapy marathon from physiotherapy and pressure chamber to acupuncture, homeopathy and reiki.

Early retirement

The orthopaedists and physiotherapists finally stopped all therapy. I was sent to the Medical Service, which declared me an invalid in1998 and sent me into early retirement. Especially when the weather changed, I had severe pain. My mobility was greatly reduced, so that I could no longer clench my fist, and there was stiffening of the joints and muscle atrophy. In addition, there was decalcification of the bone. I could only raise my arm as high as my chest. and no longer reach my back. It was impossible for me to carry heavy objects; in fact I couldn't even hold the cutlery. The most painful thing for me was that I couldn't hold my grandchildren in my arms.

How did I come to the Circle of Friends?

A friend made me aware of the teachings of Bruno Gröning and in September 1999 I went to an introductory lecture.

The turning point in my life

During the introduction I had pain in my arm and in my whole body. At this time I began to sincerely believe in God again. Patiently and with trust I waited for my healing and accepted the pain as Regelungen. I started to help out in the Circle of Friends.

Autumn Congress in Zagreb 2001

In October 2001, at a congress in Zagreb, I experienced the healing after a tape with the original voice of Bruno Gröning was played. I was spontaneously able to lift my arm again and the pain had simply disappeared. On November 8, 2001 I went to a specialist for the medical control check-up, which confirmed that I was completely well. Through absorption of the Heilstrom I was freed of this severe ailment.

Medical commentary:

As can be seen from the medical findings, the case of Vera Beritic was a Sudeck's dystrophy from June 1996 on. She had severe pain, but wasn't allowed to take any painkillers because of an allergy. This illness leads to a dystrophy (disintegration) of the entire tissue, circulation difficulties, and the skin becomes blue, dry, cold and swollen. The limbs atrophy (decrease in mass due to a decline in musculature), the joints become stiff, and the bones decalcify and tend to break. Around 70 different medications against this illness are listed in the medical encyclopaedia, yet it is virtually incurable and almost always leads to disability.

Thus, Vera Beritic, too, was released from therapy without success after two years and sent into early retirement.

For a full five years her left hand and forearm were almost completely stiff, with constant pain. As can be seen from the medical documentation she did not go to any therapy during the last three years. The spontaneous healing, the disappearance of the pain and complete recovery of the function, two years after opening up to the Healing Stream according to the teachings of Bruno Gröning, cannot be explained medically.

From the control check-up by the medical specialist for physiotherapy can be clearly seen that Vera Beritic is completely healed. Her left hand and entire arm are completely well from a motoric point of view. The regular absorption of the Healing Stream led to the healing.

I. K., M. D., Split



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