Healing of angina pectoris, shortness of breath due to coronary heart disease, and constipation

Christa Nehm (68), Baunatal (Germany)

Christa Nehm (68), Baunatal (Germany)I had been suffering from heart problems since 1984. The pains radiated from my left arm up to my neck and into my jaw. Severe coronary heart disease was diagnosed. It was found that the blood vessels supplying my heart were constricted. Consequently, I had two heart attacks. Repeated vascular dilatation didn’t bring lasting results and various forms of medication (Isoket 120, ASA 100, Selectol, Loperin, Dytide H and nitro spray if needed) and time spent in two rehabilitation centers didn’t help to stabilize my physical condition. I was only able to take care of light housework while sitting down. It was not possible for me to make beds, wash windows or vacuum. I wasn’t able to climb steps anymore. Even minimal physical activity led to breathlessness and a feeling of constriction in the left side of my chest. At times I couldn’t even walk more than 500 meters on level ground. I suffered from chronic constipation for 40 years. In the last few years I had to take six tablets of Dulcalax in order to have a bowel movement.

I came to the Bruno Gröning Circle of Friends in autumn, 1994. After the Christmas celebration in 1994 my health problems were less and less noticeable. On January 26 (the anniversary of Bruno Gröning’s death), 1995, I experienced the full healing. I started doing chores around the house the next morning. A few days later I was able to take care of all the housework on my own. I can work in the garden and hike for hours again. I have no problems climbing stairs, even when carrying a heavy laundry basket. One year after that, again on the anniversary of Bruno Gröning’s death, the constipation of 40 years duration completely disappeared. Since then I am able to go to the toilet punctually every morning.

Physician’s commentary:

Mrs. Nehm was diagnosed with coronary artery disease affecting three coronary vessels in the setting of significant family history. Her mother died of a heart attack at the age of 87, her father also suffered from heart disease and a brother had to undergo bypass surgery. Despite all medical measures, Mrs. Nehm had very little stamina and was very restricted in her physical activities, as clearly described in her report. The fact is that Mrs. Nehm was healed of a serious heart condition by taking in the Heilstrom according to the teaching of Bruno Gröning. Her newly won physical energy is testified in affidavits as well as in her own statements. In addition to this, her recovery is documented in a follow-up examination in August 1999. Here Mrs. Nehm tolerated a stress-test ECG of 75 watts without any discomfort. The fact that her heart contractility has improved is also quite impressive from a medical viewpoint. In 1992, an echocardiograph showed an ejection fraction of 26%. In 1999 an ejection fraction of 52% was confirmed. This value is within the normal range. The medical data obtained backs up the clinical observation that Mrs. Nehm has fully regained her physical fitness.

M.K., Physician


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