"The Night of the Great Healings"

"Zeitungsblitz", Sept. 1949: Special Edition on Gröning´s Successes

Die Zeitung „Zeitungsblitz“ dokumentiert die Geschehnisse am Traberhof in Rosenheim im September 1949, wo durch Bruno Gröning Tausende von Menschen gesund wurden.In the following lines, we bring you an objective report of the facts from our special correspondent, who, as a representative of the press, was able to stay on the heels of the great healer, Bruno Gröning, for 15 hours during the healing efforts witnessed by many hundreds of people at the Traberhof on August 27 and 28.

The first healings of the day

Our correspondent reports: The morning already brought the many seekers of healing, who at noon called out in chorus for "their Gröning". They had the good fortune that he addressed those waiting in a short speech. But I don’t want to report about that, but rather about the unprecedented and unforgettable hours of the late afternoon and evening.

Somehow the air is especially laden with suspense, and for some reason or other, many suffering and curious people have come together today, Saturday, in front of the Traberhof and in the garden, and this suspense grows from hour to hour after it becomes known that Mr. Gröning will speak again this evening to those waiting. Film equipment is already being set up on balcony, terrace and parking lot, and more and more people flock in.

Meanwhile, I inquire about the most recent healing successes and feel obliged to give a sober report, free of sensationalism, to the reader and the circle of people around Gröning.

Mrs. Würstl of Rosenheim, Münchnerstr. 42, reports to me credibly that until noon today she could neither bend over nor lift her feet from the floor because of paralysis. Beaming with happiness after Gröning´s speech, she had walked toward her husband for the first time without help from others, and can bend again like all healthy people.

Then, just like Mr. Haas from Munich, a woman from Endorf whom we had only ever known recumbent, gets up out of her wheelchair and makes her first attempts at walking.

I sit down at the table of an acquaintance, whose wife is the film actress Karin Lembeck, from Munich-Laim, a striking brunette known to all the "regulars." She tells me of her healing from a nerve paralysis of her left arm lasting many months by Gröning through remote healing over the telephone one morning at 10 o’clock. From the moment of his arrival at the Traberhof, Gröning’s "circle of radiation" becomes suddenly and so abruptly effective, that Mrs. L. is overcome with hot and cold shivers that cause her to cry out: "For heaven’s sake, what has happened to my arm? I can’t feel it any more!" And with the same "missing" and paralyzed arm which she had not even been able to move to table height before, she reaches automatically to her face and, a few moments later, up and over her very large summer hat. Then she breaks into tears of joy and gratitude out of inner emotion, tears that have to make up for lack of words. Only hours later is it possible for her to shake hands with an overflowing and grateful heart, but the great helper Mr. Gröning stops her humbly, saying, "You owe thanks not to me, but rather to the Creator above, who gave me the power this morning when I was on the telephone with your husband to initiate this healing, which God completed on your arrival here without my doing anything. Your belief has helped you, dear madam!".

A second lady, Mrs. Wagner from Munich-Laim, from the same district as Mrs. Lembeck, had been suffering for four years from a brain embolism with left-sided nerve paralysis, which had improved in the meantime. She is "focused on from a distance" in the garden by Gröning, who works with her from the rooms above. We follow the effects intently, but with all the surrounding hustle and bustle, the lady cannot muster the necessary concentration. For the same reason, a later attempt that night, face to face with the master brings no satisfactory result, since the inner readiness, the concentration of the senses and the additional meeting only a few hours after the distance treatment, was very obstructive.

Here, as in two further cases, striking evidence was produced that her additional admittance into Mr. Gröning’s private quarters – on the assumption that the telepathic treatment had not been effective - was a sign of mistrust toward the great healer.

And now the time has come. Many hundreds of people stand closely packed together. It is 7:30PM. The evening shadows spread. The horses have long since disappeared from the paddocks, and the sun gilds our magnificent blue mountains. The suspense becomes greater and greater; it becomes unbearable. Then Gröning steps for a moment onto the balcony, accompanied by shouts of joy, and asks for a few minutes’ patience to allow him to tune in silently to the many people, whom he is also asking to concentrate. Mr. S., from his group of assistants, directs the sick toward the front into the field of vision, gives quiet instructions on what they should do, hands flat on the knees, no physical contact with others, thoughts turned away from the sickness – that is the advice. Just this suspense-filled, silent expectation, this inner, spiritual preparation for the moment when Gröning’s healing power takes effect, is what brings the greatest possible healing success. There is hardly a whisper in the crowd of people. It is impossible to describe the situation and the mood, the stirring, faith-filled atmosphere in which these poor, tormented people, with all their visible and invisible ailments, wait, more or less firm in faith, for the moment of their healing.

Meanwhile, 15 minutes have been taken up by preparations for the shooting of a documentary film – minutes which one feels will only be experienced once in a lifetime, so full of energy-filled expectation that one can hear his own heartbeat and that of his neighbor as well. Now and again, an assistant of Gröning asks individual persons where they are from. Locations from all parts and zones of Germany are represented – from the Allgäu and the Swabian area, from Cologne and Frankfurt, from Upper and Lower Bavaria, from Lake Constance and the North Sea – yes, even from Berlin, and then, naturally, many locals. Later on, it gave Mr. Gröning a special, personal pleasure when an old fellow-soldier present among those who were waiting came up to the one who had had to share with him the hard lot of Russian imprisonment in Karelia and Finland. The crowd is asked again to not ask Mr. Gröning any questions, and to focus completely on what Gröning will say.

Gröning speaks to those waiting

It is now dusk. The film lights flare up on all sides, and the film equipment starts to get under way softly. All other sounds cease, and all eyes are directed to the balcony, onto which Mr. Gröning steps along with his host, assistants and healed persons at 8:15 PM. Minutes of very deep silence follow, during which the great helper of humanity folds his hands and looks toward heaven. Then he establishes complete contact with his faithful seekers of healing by looking into each of their excited faces.

Gröning begins now to speak simple, measured words of deep faith with that warm, sympathetic voice that is capable of captivating so many.

"My dear seekers of healing! Just as people are gathering here every day, today, as well, poor and tormented people who seek healing are gathering and will also find it. But there are also people who have been driven here out of pure curiosity, individuals who know themselves that they are skeptics. I feel that with great certainty, and I ask you to please cover up your thoughts and let yourselves be convinced by the facts. It is not a matter of entertainment and cheap demonstrations of miracles – this hour is too serious for that, and the suffering of the people around me too great.

I have called no one here; on the contrary, I have asked them to wait until the day when they can receive help under orderly circumstances. He who doesn’t believe in me doesn’t need to come any more!

I know that many among you are on the way to a healing in this moment! I intend to remain here in Upper Bavaria and ask you to have patience until I receive the permission for public healing and the healing centers are set up. But only those who carry within themselves the divine faith have a right to healing. Unfortunately, there are people who lost this years ago, or have dragged it through the mire.

I say unto you, the only doctor, the doctor of all people is, and remains, our Lord God! He alone can help. But he only helps believers who are willing to throw off their old ailment. You don’t have to believe in the little Gröning, but you must have trust in me. I do not want your gratitude – it belongs to God alone; I am only doing my duty!

Since you do not know, I say unto you that you can leave fear and money at home, but you must always bring your illness and much time with you – of which I then rob you. You should all be humane with one another – not hateful, not false. Never treat anyone badly, never be envious. The best and greatest gift in this life on earth is not riches, not money, but health, which is worth more than all the possessions on earth. You have heard from my assistant what you should do in order to experience the greatest possible effect. I do not want to carry out a public healing here! I must first know for certain that I am allowed to help publicly. However, up until now it has always been the case that people in my proximity have already regained their health. They do not have to specify their illnesses – I see through them and know everything about them.”

Mr. Gröning now gives a few simple examples of the power of his influence, which are confirmed by shouting, and then he continues: “Everyone has now received what he wanted; but only he who felt connected to his Lord God. If everything goes well, I want to set up several healing centers with this place as the nucleus, in close cooperation with the doctors, in order to help all of you. To all of you who have come to me for your sick relatives, I want to say, ‘I am already with them!' When you go home, you will see that the sick person is no longer exactly the same as when you left him!" The selfless man is thanked for his words with a long applause.

Two government representatives for Gröning

Then, entirely unexpectedly, the Chief Constable of Munich, Mr. Pitzer, spontaneously stepped up from the background. "My dear people of Rosenheim! I speak to you from my own personal experience here today. I have come here primarily as a sick person, but also as Bavarian official and observer. I have never in my life received such an outstanding diagnosis – not even from the most famous professors - as I did here from Mr. Gröning in the space of a few moments, without him even touching my body. I myself firmly believe in my healing, and I bear the responsibility for what happens here up to the highest government agencies, whether it suits certain gentlemen – you already know whom I mean – or not. The crucial thing is for the sick to be helped. I have been on duty day and night for four years, and in the process have acquired a severe ailment, for whose healing I have already sacrificed half a fortune, in vain. I speak for myself and for all of you – and it should be heard everywhere, because I must stay healthy for all upright people. I thank you, Mr. Gröning, for your help. May the Lord God grant you the power to help all the many people who come to you with firm belief and open hearts.

To overcome the final difficulties, continue having total trust in Gröning’s healing ability and help, all of you. My friend in the State Parliament will see to it that one day, perhaps even soon, Mr. Gröning will receive the license to heal."

At this point, Mr. Hagn, representative of the State Parliament for the CSU, spoke. "I really didn’t want to speak, because I was very skeptical in the matter of Mr. Gröning and wanted to convince myself personally of what happens here. Today I have experienced such moving things that I don’t have the words to describe them. That is all I can say to you. I ask you all to believe in the calling of Mr. Gröning!" Uproarious applause again surged forth from the excited crowd.


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