Interview with G. Blättner M.D.

Leader of the Medical Scientific Group (MWF)

G. Blättner

Why do you associate yourself, as an orthodox physician, so openly with healing on the spiritual path through the teaching of Bruno Gröning?

I am convinced that in this day and age every physician has an obligation to help his patients. But the university knowledge is no longer enough. As a doctor you should consider without prejudice other ways that can help the patient. I became aware of the Bruno Gröning Circle of Friends years ago. When I looked through the reviews of the reported healings in which even severe chronic ailments simply disappeared, I knew that I cannot and must not remain silent about what is happening here.

There are still many other ways in holistic medicine and naturopathy, but also in the field of spiritual healing. Why do you concern yourself specifically with the Bruno Gröning Circle of Friends?

One must set some priorities. The doctors, naturopaths, and people from other health care professions involve themselves with the MWF in addition to their professional obligations. One must know for what you are using your time. For me personally, this is not the only way, but the most valuable because it is so simple. It is my goal to be able to give people something simple and free to help themselves. That is what we need in today's health situation. My colleagues and I experience it in our lecture tours, especially in the poorer countries of the world. In the lectures we explain to people how they can open themselves to the Heilstrom according to the teaching of Bruno Gröning. Many of the listeners feel the power immediately in their bodies. During the lectures we have already also observed the first healings. Local communities are then formed and that creates its own momentum, it grows by itself, because it really helps.

What is especially important to you as a physician in the teaching of Bruno Gröning?

In addition to the simplicity and the fact that it costs nothing, the naturalness and clarity is so important to me. I emphasize it in my lectures again and again, that serious healing by spiritual means, whether in the Circle of Friends or elsewhere, is open and clear, not mysterious or mystical. Bruno Gröning emphasized again and again that he was not saying anything new. In the end, it is just ancient knowledge given in the words of our time. This knowledge should really be known. But it was forgotten or distorted. You can find it in all religions. And doctors of earlier times, such as Paracelsus, also knew these things. Mr. Gröning called the Heilstrom a higher natural power of God given to man. This force has clear laws and those who know them can use them.

In examining the healings within the Circle of Friends, we find confirmed again and again how the healing power can work in man, if he only allows it. Here thoughts and feelings are of very great importance. Healing on the spiritual path is more than mere energy intake; the people seeking healing must do something themselves. For example, it is difficult to get healthy if you are still hateful or envious. One must also explain to the people the conversion and purification processes. How hard it is for many people to appreciate that pain, diarrhoea, fever, or other reactions in the body can be part of the healing process. He who wants to be healthy in this way must learn to finally accept responsibility for his own health. Also, there is no conflict with accompanying medical therapies. You cannot simply give up all medications and say, „I don't go to the doctor anymore because I have become healed through the Heilstrom.“ No, you cannot demand anything here. Healing is and will remain - and that can not be emphasizedenough - ultimately a gift from God.

Do you regard yourself now also as a healer?

For God's sake, no! No one can heal, only God. I am reminded of something Bruno Gröning said: „I do not heal - the divine power helps and heals.“ I think that says it all. The person seeking healing experiences it himself by the help of God when he opens himself to the Heilstrom. Our job is simply to give him instructions.

Why was the Medical Scientific Group founded?

It is a great pleasure for me to collaborate in the MWF with representatives from almost all health care professions. Doctors, naturopaths, healers, nurses, psychologists, physiotherapists, etc. There is no professional animosity, no one regards himself higher than the other, and it is a harmonious collaboration with mutual respect.
Part of the work is the international conferences, which are organized by doctors and health care practitioners. Often the public lectures are even held together or are supplemented by psychologists when the lecture subject is healing from drug addiction.
Another part of the work is the compilation of the healings as success reports within the Circle of Friends. More than 400 representatives from all health care professions collaborate as helpers in this area. In work groups reports are discussed with doctors, assessed and documented as much as possible.
Additionally, there is an internal journal of the MWF, which is translated into 11 languages. In several countries, conferences are held regularly to share mutual experiences.
The entire worldwide structure would not have been possible without the work of the MWF.

Is the teaching of Bruno Gröning a new religion?

Many people believe that when there is talkabout God and divine power that they are in church or some religious faction. That is how far we have already drifted away from what is natural. Actually, the knowledge of the existence of a supreme being, a supreme Spirit, who is the single greatest physician, should have been a matter of course to every physician. We doctors and naturopaths can only be his helpers. It is very important for us health care professionals to experience again that He exists and how He works and helps in everyday life. I think it should be clear that the teaching of Bruno Gröning is above religion. In the Medical Scientific Group, doctors of allreligions participate. The Muslim remains a Muslim, the Christian remains Christian, the Jew remains a Jew. Again here no one regards himself higher that the other; it is about people, not religion.
Representatives of the MWF have carried out successful lecture tours in Israel, also holding lectures in Bethlehem and Hebron. A short time later, they flew to Teheran in Iran to give a lecture on the work of the MWF and the teaching of Bruno Gröning at the local Medical University during a congress. The MWF also exists in India and one of my colleagues was invited to give a lecture at a university in Beijing.
This force is not Catholic or Protestant, and makes no distinction between Christians and Jews, Muslims and Buddhists. What matters is the heart of man and his will to do good.

What is your wish for the future?

Especially in recent years, the international lecture events have shown how much interest there is in spiritual healing through the teaching of Bruno Gröning just among my colleagues. Lectures at major universities in the US, Canada, Eastern Europe, and Asia, with thousands of people being interested, make me feel confident that soon in Germany and neighboring countries , as well, access to the universities will be possible. The need of the times practically demands a constructive and open approach to alternative healing options. Personal ideological conflicts can no longer be important when it comes to helping people. This is the order in today's world: help, help and help again. To do this you must makeuse of all the best, whether naturopathy, orthodox medicine or healing on the spiritual path.



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