Medical Documentation

Compiling and verifying the healings

Medizinische DokumentationAn essential aspect of the work of the Medical Scientific Group (MWF) is the systematic collection and verification of the healings that happen on the spiritual path through applying the teaching of Bruno Gröning. Friends in the Bruno Gröning Circle of Friends who have been healed themselves are schooled to capably record the success reports. This made it possible to build up an international network within the Circle of Friends for documenting the healings.

In documenting a success report, the state of health of the healed person before and after the healing is recorded in detail, using a questionnaire similar to the one used by the medical profession to record a patient's clinical history. These reports are then thoroughly examined by various physicians of the MWF. If deemed necessary from a medical point of view, further documentation is gathered. The doctors of the MWF will then request to see any relevant medical diagnostic pre-findings and may ask the healed person to be examined by an independent medical colleague. This information is then added to the success report, which is then supplemented by a physician’s commentary.

In addition to the success reports in the field of human medicine, animal healings are also documented and examined by the veterinarians of the MWF. Impressive reports of healing have been recorded--even of severe chronic diseases from which a recovery could not have been expected from the standpoint of orthodox veterinary medicine.

Also collected are reports of inexplicable changes in plants through the influence of the healing power, which are verified by qualified professionals. Reports of help in personal and professional areas of life are documented as well.

Since the late 1980s, thousands of cases of help and healing have been recorded and archived in this way.



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