Healing from chronic fatigue syndrome (ME, CFS)

M. Koekkoek, Prinsenland (Netherlands)

M. Koekkoek, Prinsenland (Niederlande)

Before I became sick I was very active. My appointment calendar was always full. The intensive work fulfilled me; I was happy and had a positive attitude. In March of 1994, my family doctor determined that I had mononucleosis. I was completely exhausted and slept a lot without feeling rested afterward. I had to give up my full time job as a teacher and was declared disabled two months later.

On good days, I would get up around 11:00 a.m. and watch television. I was no longer able to pursue hobbies such as handcrafts and reading. I would usually go to bed again around 1 p.m. and sleep until dinner, only to lie down again afterward. Taking walks was no longer possible, for I would be totally exhausted already after 50 meters. My legs felt weak. I couldn’t stand for long, and sometimes my legs just gave way. I was no longer able to hold my head up because of neck pain. My eyes hurt and I felt pressure in my eye sockets. I was no longer able to fix my eyes on one point while reading. I had amnesic aphasia (couldn’t find the right words) during conversations. Sometimes I got a high fever with severe sweating and vomiting. My husband, my parents, and a household helper kept house and did the shopping. My social life ground to a halt. Even telephone conversations exhausted me.

I did not accept it and I continue fighting

After November, 1994, I made an effort to work for one hour two days a week. Meanwhile an internist had diagnosed chronic fatigue syndrome. He said that it was incurable, and that I had to live with it. He called it a severe form of ME and recommended that I seek help with alternative health care methods. I didn’t resign myself to it, went on fighting and raised my work time gradually to three mornings per week by October, 1995. When I returned home after work, however, I was always completely exhausted. After a severe relapse I had to stay at home until March, 1997. All of the previously mentioned symptoms returned in all their vehemence. During this period I sought help from a doctor specializing in bio-resonance and an energy therapist. They were also unable to heal me, but I learned to make use of the power of positive thinking. This improved my condition slightly, and after March, 1997, I was able to return to work in very small steps. However, I always needed a day of rest between my workdays because otherwise the symptoms would come back in all their vehemence.

I kept one thought in mind, “If I continue to go to work I will conquer the illness.” So I went on fighting. In November, 2007, however, a new relapse put an end to my good intentions. The public health doctor wouldn’t let me continue working. At that time I only got out of bed for breakfast. My husband took care of the two children and everything else.

I separated myself mentally from the illness and felt better and better

In January, 2008, the mother of a school friend called me. She told me on the telephone of the teaching of Bruno Gröning. I knew that - despite my willpower - I was too weak to conquer the illness alone. So, full of hope, I put my trust in God and Bruno Gröning. I mentally separated myself from the illness. From that moment on I felt better and better. In April I attended my first community hour. Then it went very rapidly. Through the daily absorption of the Heilstrom, the eternal ups and downs in my health changed to the extent that the highs lasted longer and the lows were less low. In July, 2008, I was already able to work a day and a half per week again, and after September all the restrictions had disappeared. Since that time I have been well, am no longer exhausted and am rested in the morning. I go shopping myself again, cook the food, take care of the children and can do crafts and read again. All the pain has disappeared, and I can concentrate well. I have a social life again, go cycling and enjoy life. I feel better than I have ever felt before. I am grateful to God and Bruno Gröning for the healing.


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