Healing from alcohol addiction

E. P. (55), Modena (Italy)

In the year 1992 I found myself in a very difficult time. My mother had died, and I had to care for my old father. My father was invalid because of his blindness and had a very difficult character. In addition to that I had to take care of my own family-my husband and two sons-and there was also my work. Without being aware of it I kept increasing the amount of wine I was drinking every day-about two glasses with meals more or less to have the strength to bear the great burden on my shoulders. I tried to stop but didn’t succeed; on the contrary it got worse and worse and the amount of wine kept increasing even when my duties decreased. All of this influenced my life and the people close to me. Sometimes when I was nervous and angry I would let out my aggression on my husband or my sons for no apparent reason or on ridiculous grounds. I tried to isolate myself from the others because I didn’t want them to notice what was going on with me but most of all because I was ashamed of it. I felt guilty but couldn’t stop. To overcome the yearning for wine I did Reiki and took Bach-blossom extract for months-without success.

I never went to a doctor, nor did I have any examinations because I didn’t want anyone to find out about the vice. My husband noticed it and scolded me about it, but left it at that, and we never talked about it because of my son’s presence. During the last ten years I consumed several glasses of wine a day. Finally it had reached two or three bottles a day and also more according to my mood.

I felt an immediate attraction to the path

While taking part in the conference "The Life after Life in Modena, Italy" in January 2002 I heard people talking about Bruno Gröning for the first time and felt an immediate attraction to the path and a trust in what was said. In addition I was convinced by the fact that no money was demanded in return. On February 9, 2002 I was introduced to the teaching of Bruno Gröning.

I feel as if newly born

After the introduction I began to read all the Schooling Letters and everything there was about Bruno Gröning. I learned the reception of the Heilstrom and put it into practice at home. In April 2002 I had a special experience while tuning in. I felt a strong trembling in my hands and my body swung from one side to the other without my being able to stop it. In addition I felt the Heilstrom streaming into me. When this was over I felt light and had a feeling of liberation like when you awaken from a nightmare and realize that it was all just a dream and that nothing was real.

After that there were alternating periods of drinking. Sometimes I was able to remain abstinent and sometimes I drank even larger amounts than before, but I wanted to think and believed that I was on the way to wellness. In May 2003 I went to Rosenheim to a big event of the Bruno Gröning Circle of Friends with the special request of healing from the alcohol dependence. On June 15, 2003 I poured myself a glass of wine at mealtime but immediately felt a strong revulsion; I had to go to the bathroom and throw up. Since that moment I have never again drunk wine; on the contrary any smell of alcoholic drinks disturbs me greatly. I feel as if newly born.

Psychologist’s comment:

Due to an excessively demanding situation, Mrs P. begins to increase her daily consumption of wine to two to three bottles per day. Through the process of habituation, a predominantly emotional dependence on alcohol (wine) ensues from the initial misuse. This leads to the first negative changes in the personality with the described sudden mood changes. Professional help is not sought.

Just over a year after the introduction to the teaching of Bruno Gröning, Mrs P reacts without apparent external reason with vomiting to the usual alcohol intake. That she, since that point in time, never consumed any more wine is for me, as a psychologist, difficult to explain. The connection to the working of the Heilstrom is evident.

U. T., Psychologist


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