Healing from drug addiction

T. L. (23), Gmunden (Austria)

I would like to say in advance that until the year 2005 I was completely unbelieving and couldn’t even take the word "God" into my mouth. My drug addiction started in the year 1999. At the age of 17 a schoolmate introduced me to his "friends". They were consuming hashish and marijuana every day. I was offered a joint, and I didn’t turn it down because I wanted to belong. The feeling I got from the joint was indescribable. It made all my worries and bad thoughts disappear and everything was light and good.

At first I only smoked on weekends with my "friends". At the end of 2001 my cannabis consumption had increased tenfold from one gram to ten grams a week. In addition I had also discovered Speed and Ecstasy which made it possible for me to hold out longer at parties. My consumption of the chemical drugs, too, stayed within limits at first. However lack of sleep soon became apparent and so I also needed Speed in the morning in order to be "fit" for work again.

The drug consumption increases more and more

Through this increased drug consumption my financial situation also became worse. My interest in the external world lessened so that my financial situation also didn’t matter to me. In the year 2003 I completed my training very successfully but couldn’t stay in the firm that trained me. I was unemployed and had more time to "hang out" with my friends.

During this period the spectrum around cocaine and heroin expanded. I was consuming around one or two grams of cocaine and one gram of heroin per week. I drew both of them in through my nose. My consumption of Speed had meanwhile become much higher - about five grams a week. I also occasionally took LSD.

My finances were a catastrophe. To get some money I took a construction job. In addition a credit gave my bank account some relief. I went to work, consumed drugs and paid the credit, the costs of my flat, etc. I couldn’t make ends meet anymore and was on the brink of disaster: the debts, the flat a mess and there was disorder in my entire life.

I took something almost every day over a period of about six years. When I had no drugs I felt unstable and had less self-confidence. The withdrawal symptoms were entirely mental in nature because when the mind says you need something the body automatically follows. I would describe myself as being emotionally dependent at the time.

The turning back

One morning I woke up and noticed for the first time in all the years that something was going wrong in my life. In the evening I called my mother up to talk to someone about it all. I told her almost the whole story and told her I wanted to change my life. What I didn’t know was that my mother had already been introduced to the teaching of Bruno Gröning on August 12, 2005. Since then she had been regularly absorbing the Heilstrom for me for help and healing at home, often together with others. I began to think about what I was actually doing and realized that it wasn’t the right way. On October 14, 2005, I too was introduced to the teaching of Bruno Gröning.

No more yearning for drugs

After the introduction I tuned in daily and regularly attended the Community Hours. In this way I succeeded in staying away from drugs within a month. My life has changed fundamentally since then. I simply had no more yearning for drugs and was also happy without them. I have been clean now since mid-November 2005. I had no withdrawal symptoms of any kind. I completely cut off contact with my one-time "friends". My inner peace has come back and everything has become good again.

I moved into an apartment in my parent’s house. Since then I have been keeping house here for myself, cooking with a passion and happily paying attention to healthy nutrition. In addition my bank account is always in the black. Since it costs less to live with my parents it is also easier to pay back little by little the credit I had taken. My life has totally changed. It is more beautiful, more fulfilled and happier, and I no longer feel an inner emptiness. I am very grateful for this seemingly "impossible" healing.

Psychologist’s comment:

According to his own statements, Mr. L. had consumed drugs almost daily over a period of six years (mainly cannabis and speed, but also cocaine, heroin and LSD). The drug addiction led to financial distress and to an increasing social isolation. Through his mother’s einstellen, a change of heart comes about, and Mr. L. finds his way to the Bruno Gröning Circle of Friends. One month later, he is completely free from all drugs and has brought order back into his life. Instead of an inner void, he feels happy and contented today. Such a course of healing is very unusual.

Mag. I. R., Psychologist


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