At the side of Bruno Gröning

Grete Holzbauer's experiences with Bruno Gröning

DVD: An der Seite Bruno Grönings

A film by Thomas Eich

In the summer of 1950 the Austrian teacher Grete Holzbauer travels to a lecture of Bruno Gröning who was called by the press at the time the "miracle healer". She is merely accompanying her blind friend whom she wants to prevent from being treated by an alleged charlatan. When she returns home three days later, she herself is healed from three incurable ailments. Following this she experiences unbelievable things in her home country: sick people are healed when she merely tells them of her own healing and countless healings take place. Later she becomes a close collaborator of Bruno Gröning.

The three-part cinema documentary The Bruno Gröning phenomenon was followed by the film documentary At the side of Bruno Gröning depicting the historic events that occurred around this man. From the viewpoint of an initial sceptic, then healed person and later close collaborator, this film is a contemporary document of a special kind. Interviews, recordings of original sites, documentary material and re-enactments allow the spectator to experience the Bruno Gröning events very closely and give an insight into the spiritual coherence.

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Documentary film:
„The Phenomenon
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