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The Phenomenon Bruno Groening – worldwide screenings and YouTube

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Even after over 15 years, the effect of this timeless documentary film remains unbroken. At the start of the 2019 – right around the 60th anniversary of the passing of Bruno Groening on January 26th, the Bruno Groening Circle of Friends initiated a unique Chain of Lights event. The result: worldwide approx. 900 film screenings and on YouTube almost half a million views across all languages.

The documentary film “The Phenomenon Bruno Groening” came to movie theatres in autumn of 2003 and meanwhile has been shown for over 15 years worldwide in public cinemas and many other venues. It has also been available on DVD format for some time.

To celebrate this 15-year anniversary of the film’s first screening, the Bruno Groening Circle of Friends initiated a three week long “Chain of Lights event” from January 19th to February 8th, 2019. Both documentary films “The Phenomenon Bruno Groening” and “The Phenomenon of Healing” were presented to over 30,000 viewers in about 900 film showings worldwide, with great success.

Simultaneously, “The Phenomenon Bruno Groening” was uploaded for the first time on YouTube and made available in its full length for three weeks. The success here was even more impressive. Altogether the three parts of the film have been viewed almost half a million times across all languages. The viewers commentaries were also very touching. Here a few examples:

“A magnificent, wonderful film. Recommended to everyone.” “The documentary film about Bruno Groening is very touching.” “I am deeply impressed!!! Thank you for this film.” “This film aids in raising our earth, along with all of creation, up into a loving consciousness.” “The whole of humanity needs this film.”

Due to this wonderful response and the unexpectedly high number of enquiries, the Circle of Friends has decided to continue showing the film on YouTube. In this way, every interested person and those seeking help have the opportunity to get to know Bruno Groening and to learn about healing on the spiritual path through his teaching.

“I give my life to all people of this Earth, and they shall all find out, they shall all know, why and for what reason I do this.” Bruno Groening


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