Healings of multiple allergy syndrome

Healing from allergies and bronchial asthma

Constantin Riedl (41), Regensburg (Deutschland)

For around 25 years, from spring to autumn - during the blooming period of grasses and trees - I suffered from severe hay fever with red, watery eyes, runny nose, sneezing attacks, continually swollen mucous membranes, and frequent sinusitis. Moreover, I reacted allergically to animal hair, feathers, nuts, house dust, and alcohol which manifested itself through sneezing, catarrh, scratching and swelling of the throat as far as dyspnoea. During the last 12 years asthma attacks with breathing difficulty, sweating attacks and feelings of anxiety occurred more and more frequently.

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Healing from chronic back problems, allergies, migraine, pain in both knees, and calcaneal spurs on both heels

Horst-Hubertus Krug (65), Konstanz (Germany)

At 13, I was treated for the first time by an orthopedist for severe back pain. I had grown around 8 inches in one year. My cervical, thoracic and lumbar vertebrae showed considerable deformation with extremely painful consequences. In 1968, at the age of about 21, I also became allergic to various foods, sweets, beer, and solvents in paints and lacquers. My reactions were attacks of sweating, circulatory problems almost to the point of unconsciousness, and vomiting. In the same year – 1968 - I began to suffer from migraines with severe headaches and photosensitivity. It was a pulsating, sharp pain above the temples on both sides. In the mid-nineties, pain became noticeable in both knees. An x-ray examination revealed arthritis. From 2006, on I wore heel cushions in my shoes that were recommended by my family doctor. Painful heel spurs had gradually formed on both feet.

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Healing of allergy against animal hair (dog, cat horse) house plant (Coleus), printer's ink and bed feathers

Mr E. S. (62), Sauerland (Germany)

From 1980 I was chronically allergic to animal hair (dog, cat horse, cow), house dust, house-dust mites, pollen and flowers in general, but particularly the house plant, Coleus, and even printer's ink in newspaper. In addition I had an allergic reaction to down and carpeting and an intolerance to sweet things, in particular icing sugar.My symptoms were a constantly running nose, wheals all over my body, itching, breathing problems, running eyes and little water blisters on my scalp.

I took early retirement in 1986, mainly as a result of these various allergies. All the efforts I made to regain my health: transfusions with my own blood, desensitisation to the various allergens and a range of medications were either totally useless or had only a minimal effect.

Only 14 days after my introduction to the teachings of Bruno Gröning I was totally cured. Carpets, animals, flowers, printer's ink and dust no longer bother me. I can eat sweet things again, even icing sugar.

Healing of allergy against printer's ink and sunlight

Mrs G. B. (65), Hamburg (Germany)

In 1986 I developed a colophony allergy. Newspapers, soap, shampoo, polish etc. caused a strong burning sensation in my eyes, nose and mouth which subsequently spread to the rest of my head. Under my right eye and on my nose I developed little blisters for two to three days and then they turned into red patches. After a while, and despite the fact that I wore gloves, I developed an allergic reaction on my hand and lost the nail on the fourth finger of both hands. My dental plate had to be made from a special material.

Ultrasine-milk, ointments and thermal soap were no use. A special spray for my hands enabled me to read or write for one to two hours. In 1987 I received an allergy certificate. About this time I also began to be allergic to the sun.

Since my introduction to the teachings of Bruno Gröning in March 1991, the allergic reactions weakened progressively. Two months later they ceased. To date I also have no unfavourable reaction to the sun, even without medication or special protection.

Help combined with allergy to grass, pollen, animal hair, house-dust mites etc.

Mrs R. P. (40), Altenkirchen (Germany)

For more than eight years I suffered from an allergy similar to hay fever with intense attacks of coughing and breathing difficulties. I was extremely allergic to grasses, pollen, animal hair, mites etc. Despite various anti-allergic agents and eye and nose drops prescribed by my doctor, there was no improvement.

The condition peaked in 1990. For a time my whole body was covered in wheals and pustules and the itching was almost unbearable. Two skin specialists spoke of a chronically recurring urticaria. Only high doses of cortisone gave me some relief. An alternative medical practitioner gave me transfusions of my own blood as well as other treatment, but nothing helped.

I discovered the Bruno Gröning Circle of Friends in November 1990. Since January 1991 I have been problem-free. I am no longer allergic and do not require any medications.


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