Healings of sinusitis

Healing of harm in the area of frontal sinus and maxillary sinus

Mr W. B. (49), Meschede (Germany)

For over 20 years I suffered from chronic frontal and maxillary sinusitis. Irrigations to clear this condition, as well as a maxillary operation in 1968 and a septal operation, including the removal of the ends of the turbinate bone in 1977, brought only short-term relief. In addition I often had to have recurring polyps cut out of my nose. When I blew my nose, lumps of blood and pus came away. I had constant nose bleeds and headaches. It was practically impossible to breathe through my nose. In damp weather I was better off. Painkillers before I began work were an unavoidable evil.

Since my introduction to the teachings of Bruno Gröning, in August 1985, I no longer have headaches or nose bleeds and I can breathe through my nose again. The polyps have not recurred and after a medical control examination it was certified that my nose, forehead and maxillary sinuses are quite clear.

Healing of harm in the area of frontal sinus

Mr H. R. (68), Wegberg (Germany)

From 1952 I often had headaches, an unpleasant feeling of pressure around my forehead, and colds. My nose was practically always blocked. As medical therapies only helped me very little, I was often given additional irrigation, which was very painful. Until 1986 I underwent irrigation of the frontal sinuses every two years. My doctor spoke of chronic frontal sinusitis and was of the opinion that I had to learn to live with it. Sometimes my condition improved for six months but then the trouble began again.

Since my introduction to the Bruno Gröning Circle of Friends, in November 1987, I have no complaints. I can breathe through my nose, the chronic frontal sinusitis has disappeared and I need neither medicines nor irrigations.

Healing of harm in the area of frontal sinus

Mr L. N. (32), Kerkrade (Netherlands)

From 1986 I suffered - according to my doctor's diagnosis - from a chronic frontal sinusitis. At night I often had difficulty breathing and my nose was blocked both summer and winter. I often had twinging pains around my forehead. Penicillin therapies, Swedish herbs, nasal sprays and acupuncture gave me short-term relief but did not cure me.

About a month after I was introduced to the teachings of Bruno Gröning, in April 1990, my eyes and nose watered for two days. I had no pain and afterwards my nose was clear. Since June 1990 I can breath freely, day and night.

Healing of harm in the area of frontal sinus

K. S. about her daughter S. (14), Eupen (Belgium)

From the age of four my daughter suffered five to eight times a year from chronic sinusitis. She had constant, pounding headaches and at night awoke practically every half hour. Her paediatrician prescribed a week-long treatment of nasal sprays, antibiotics and the inhalation of Bisovon, an expectorant. Three to four days later the mucus loosened and the pain diminished, but after a few weeks the problem began again.

In August 1991 my daughter and I learned about the teachings of Bruno Gröning. A few days later pus-laden mucus and blood came away from her nose. Her headaches and infected eyes were immediately gone, and in this way she received healing. She sleeps through the nights again. Her frontal sinusitis has not recurred.


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