Healings of circulatory disorders (arteries)

Healing of peripheral vascular disease with claudication (pain) in the legs

Mr A. L. (68), Paderborn (Germany)

In 1985 I suddenly developed circulation problems in my legs. My doctor prescribed tablets which I had to stop taking because they affected my stomach. After this I stopped taking all medication. Whenever I was on my feet for an hour I had to sit down for 5-10 minutes. I could not undertake long walks.

In April 1991 I learned about Bruno Gröning and how to absorb the healing stream. A month later I was free from pain. Since then I can walk for kilometers without any problem. In May 1991 I took a 12-day holiday and hiked 168 kilometers.

Healing of peripheral vascular disease with claudication (pain) in the legs

Mrs R. R. (70), Saarbrücken (Germany)

For over four years I had circulation problems in my left thigh. If I walked 200 meters it became stiff and numb. I had to massage it for several minutes before continuing. To counteract this condition I took a Herz ASS (low dose Aspirin) every day, but there was no noticeable improvement.

In July 1991, six months after my introduction to the teachings of Bruno Gröning, the problem disappeared. Today I am able to walk for half-an-hour without a break. I have even been able to walk for two hours with short stops and without any discomfort.


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