Healings of pancreatitis


Heilung von Bauchspeicheldrüsenentzündung (Pankreatitis)

Healing of Pancreatitis

Margot Miebach (65), Cologne (Germany)

In 1972 colic-like pains appeared in my upper abdomen, sometimes so intense, that I was prescribed opiates. After every meal I suffered from nausea and diarrhea. Sometimes I was so weak, that I couldn't hold a teaspoon. From 1972 to 1974 I survived on baby and toddler food only. I was bloated and my weight went down to 97 pounds (44 kg) [regular weight 110 pounds (50kg).] The doctors diagnosed me with acute pancreatitis. This disease occurs in acute attacks; in my case it became chronic. Sometimes I had an attack once or twice a day, sometimes every few days or once a week, sometimes I was OK for a whole month. They were triggered by certain foods, worry, stress and without any discernible reason. When it was very bad I had to spend a day or two in bed.


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Healing of pancreatitis with frequent acute attacks (chronic)

Mrs C. S. (77), Oldenburg (Germany)

In April 1980 the first severe bout of cramp-like pain occurred in my upper abdominal region accompanied by vomiting. After a six-week stay in hospital, the medical diagnosis was acute pancreatitis. I was put on a strict diet of low fat foods, with no raw fruit, salads, cherries, cake or coffee. Despite this, I had two more severe attacks that same year, each followed by five weeks in hospital.

The medical diagnosis then was: acute attacks of chronic pancreatitis. Despite maintaining my diet, the pain and vomiting continued to occur about five to six times a year. Each time I lost up to 5 kilos. Finally I lived on boiled chicken, potatoes, mixed grain bread, light jam and stewed pears.

In December 1989 I learned about the teachings of Bruno Gröning. At the end of the year I had an attack of pain once again and it recurred six months later. Since then it has never come back and I have been healed since the summer of 1990. I can eat whatever I fancy, even cakes, whipped cream, ice cream and chocolate. In the past this was unthinkable.

Healing of chronic pancreatitis

Mrs M. M. (61), Cologne (Germany)

From 1972 I suffered from chronic inflammation of the pancreas (pancreatitis) with acute attacks. My condition was pathetic. I often had unbearable stomach pain and after every meal I felt nauseous and had diarrhoea. I adhered to a strict diet and ate only food for babies and infants. I was totally devoid of strength and became very thin, weighing only 97 pounds. I had severe depressions. Before each meal I took Pankreon 700 tablets, which eased the nausea and diarrhoea.

In February 1992 I was introduced to the teachings of Bruno Gröning and since then my condition gradually began to improve. In March 1995 I stopped taking tablets. I am strong and can work and eat everything once again. All my complaints are gone.

Healing of chronic pancreatitis

Mrs E. L. (57), Bonn (Germany)

In 1985 a chronic infection of my pancreas was diagnosed. I was prescribed tablets (Nortase) and had to maintain a strict diet. Despite this I often suffered from a burning sensation in my throat, tiredness, weakness and severe attacks of wind. Finally I could only eat rice gruel, tomatoes and boiled potatoes.

Since my introduction to the teachings of Bruno Gröning I no longer have problems. Even when I ventured to stop my diet a few weeks later, my problems did not recur. I can eat everything and no longer require medication.


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