Healing from anxiety and panic attacks after LSD abuse

K. G. (29), Ljubiljana (Slovenia)

At the age of twelve I started to smoke and to drink alcohol together with friends. When I was 15 I got into marijuana and pot, with 17 into LSD. During the following two years I took a whole blotting paper full of LSD six times. The seventh time I reacted to the LSD with hallucinations which caused such fears that I stayed at home for days. The anxiety did not go away. No doctor could help. For six years after the use of LSD described above I suffered from those panic attacks. Often I had tachycardia (increased heart rate) and a great fear of dying. At the age of 23 I stopped smoking marijuana, the effect got too intense. After a breakdown at 25 years of age I was sent to a psychiatric unit. After that I got injections against the anxiety and the tachycardia for a year, but without any bettering of my condition. My situation seamed hopeless to me.

In July, 2000, a friend told me about Bruno Gröning and I was introduced into the teaching. I regularly took in the Heilstrom. Four months later the tachycardia and the anxiety were gone. I don't take any drugs anymore. I also quit smoking.

Psychologist's cmmentary:

Because of repeated use of LSD, Mr. G. was in a sensory state of emergency. LSD, which can cause a distortion of perception and hallucinations, in Mr. G.'s case led to severe anxiety, which repeatedly resulted in panic attacks. Despite different medical therapies and a stay in a psychiatric unit this condition held for years. Four months after the introduction into Bruno Gröning's teaching the anxiety and panic attacks were greatly reduced, soon after they were gone completely. The absence of the chronic symptoms, the healing and Mr. G.'s present joy of life of are closely linked to the intake of the Heilstrom.
U. T., Psychologist


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