Community Hours

Power source for the daily routine

GE Köln-RathIn the community hours the teaching of Bruno Gröning are substantially imparted. The people seeking help and friends thus have the possibility to practise using these new ideas and fixing the belief in themselves. This way the people not only can obtain health but also keep it.

Learn to know the spiritual relationships to not fall back into old afflictions

The past has proven the importance of the knowledge of Bruno Gröning's teaching: Many help seekers recovered after only meeting Bruno Gröning once – like in Herford or at the Traberhof – without knowing the spiritual background of a healing. They didn’t know how to take up the Heilstrom nor did they know about the pain of the so-called Regelungen. The power of thought, the right sitting position, the knowledge about good and evil: all this wasn’t known to them. When Regelungen occurred or doubts as to the lasting of the healing, they were left alone; sometimes even too weak to believe in health. Quite a few people fell back into their old sufferings. That’s why it was often said that the healings wouldn’t last. But everyone that knew the teaching of Bruno Gröning and understood the spiritual laws, recognized that it was only the natural consequence of lack of belief or knowledge about the context of spiritual relationships. For instance, if a person knows nothing about the power of thought and keeps his mind circling around illness, he can lose his health again because he attracts the negative, the disease, by his way of thinking.

So it’s important for the person seeking help to become familiar with the teaching of Bruno Gröning in the community hours. It’s also very important for him increasingly to take up the Heilstrom – which succeeds particularly because of the multiplicative effect of the community. Bruno Gröning compared a human being with a battery. By thinking, speaking and acting, we continuously give away energy. And in order to stay energetic we have to recharge our battery. This can be done by daily doing einstellen and by regularly attending the community hours. In a letter to a help-seeker Bruno Gröning wrote the following: "As long as you live, compare yourself with a battery ensuring that your body is freshly charged so that you will always be able to have this energy available not only for yourself to live and exist, but even – like a battery – be able to give energy to our fellow-man, when they show a lack of energy."

Let go of all negativity

In the community hours many people come together with believing thoughts and open hearts. Here they have the opportunity to let go spiritually of all negativity, to empty their soul. They can take up enough good energy to stay powerful in the daily tests to overcome evil. Here the heilstrom can be received intensively. The more people do einstellen, the stronger the power will be.

What is concerned in the community hours Bruno Gröning himself explained as follows: "It is not concerned with only attending the community hour but really to stay on the right path and not stray from it because everything is for your own good."


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