Healings of depression

Rosa Zenel (43)

Helad från allvarlig depression och Post Traumatisk Stress Disorder (PTSD)

R. Z. (43), Melbourne (Australien))

Redan som barn var jag deprimerad. Min far var ofta våldsam gentemot mig. Jag var väldigt tyst och orolig, samt sov dåligt. När jag var nio år gammal blev jag ofredad. Min familj visste om detta, men gjorde inget för att stoppa detta. När jag var 16 år gammal, försökte jag – utan framgång – att ta mitt liv genom en överdos av tabletter. I skolan misslyckades jag i alla mina ämnen. Vilket gjorde att jag hatade mig själv än mer och jag var övertygad om att jag inte dög till något. När jag var 18 år flyttade jag hemmifrån. Började vid 22 att i över fyra år gå på psykiatriskbehandling. Jag tog inga mediciner på grund av biverkningar. Mitt äktenskap bröts efter tre år, och den psykiatrikern som behandlade mig sa att han inte längre kunde göra något för mig. Jag gick igenom en odyssé av psykologer, psykiatriker, läkare, spirituella helare och healing utövare. Varje barndomsminne följdes av ett fysiskt sammanbrott. Jag gömde mig, hade kraftiga panikattacker så som om jag fått en hjärtinfarkt. Varefter jag förlorade medvetandet i flera timmar. Jag låste dörren och grät mig själv till sömns under flera år. Depressionen, ångest och panikattackerna blev så pass allvarliga, så att jag under 2003 blev inlagd på en psykiatriskklinik. Efter tester satte man in medicinering (Cipramil, senare, Avanza = Mirtazepam) vilket också hjälpte. Jag trodde då att allt var bra, men det fanns fortfarande något i min själ som skrek högt ut. Under 2005, försökte jag med psykiatrikerns hjälp avsluta medicineringen. När jag reducerat dosen till en tablett (30 mg) började abstinenssymptomen. Jag fick kraftiga anfall av svettningar, smärta, ångest, skakningar, illamående och klaustrofobi. Jag bestämde mig då för att fortsätta ta medicinerna. De skrev ut sömnpiller och Valium mot abstinenssymptomen men när jag ökade dosen till 60 mg av Avanza slutade med ens abstinenssymptomen. Det var en stor besvikelse för mig för det var då jag insåg att jag var väldigt beroende av dessa mediciner. Jag fick en känsla av att jag skulle få spendera resten av mitt liv i terapi och med läkare. Min depression var så pass allvarlig att jag fortsatte gråta mycket, svår smärta i hela kroppen och jag ville avsluta mitt liv. Mitt självmord skulle ske den 1ste juli 2007.

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Healing from severe depression and anxiety disorder

E. B. (50), Ergoldsbach (Germany)

In the year 1995, an ominous situation developed at my workplace - mobile nursing care - mobbing was becoming widespread. This caused me to develop permanent anxiety, and I could hardly do my job any more. In 1997, my frame of mind was so shattered that, for example, I was neither able to fill a syringe nor administer intramuscular Injections. At home I could no longer calm down, and I was plagued by thoughts of suicide. A neurologist had me admitted to the district hospital because of acute self-endangerment. At first I was completely sedated, so that I hardly perceived anything. After eight weeks without significant improvement I was released at my own risk on the condition that I undergo psychiatric treatment. On the one hand the prescribed medication did help me to somehow be active, but on the other hand everything was insensitive and mechanical. In the end it helped just as little as conversational therapy.

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Healing from alcohol addiction and depression

J. L. (54), Buffalo (USA)

Shortly after my 18th birthday (1968) I began to drink beer and schnapps. I would drink 12 to 18 beers a day from Monday to Sunday. It was normal for me at the time to come home from work, change clothes, go to my favourite hangout and stay there until three o’clock in the morning. Then I would get up at seven o’clock and go to work, always with a terrible hangover. I was working in the construction industry at the time. This happened day after day. Thus it became the pattern of my life. Today I can’t understand how I was able to survive for 35 years with such excessive alcohol consumption.

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Healing of depression

Mrs N. D. (49), Frankfurt (Germany)

I was often nervous, reacted irritably at the slightest thing and felt oppressed to the point of suffocation. A Russian healer gave me some relief through a laying on of hands, but it only lasted a short while.

My introduction to the teachings of Bruno Gröning released a real revolution within me. I hardly slept and my whole body was in turmoil. After about three weeks, it was as if all my emotional problems had been blown away. I feel free, happy and like a person of value with faith in the future.

Healing of depression

Mrs M. L. (42), Bebra (Germany)

Before I found my way to the Bruno Gröning Circle of Friends, I had suffered from depression for over six years with bouts of anxiety, and had no interest in everyday events. Even getting up in the morning was a torment. I was afraid of every situation I encountered. I was often unable to think clearly, sat without any interest in what was going on around me and the lightest housework was beyond me. I took various medicines in differing strengths, first Baldrian, then Demetrin, Tofranil and Saroten tablets.

Five days after my introduction to the teachings of Bruno Gröning and absorbing the healing stream, all my problems were simply gone. Since then I have not had an attack of anxiety. I get up easily in the morning and I take an interest in all my daily activities. I no longer need medication and am free from depression.

Healing of depression

Mrs E. G. (64), Heidelberg (Germany)

In 1985, at the age of 59, I was laid off work. This came as such a shock that I fell into a deep depression. I could no longer sleep at night, neglected my flat, was unsociable and apathetic and lacked the courage to go out shopping. I began to cry whenever somebody spoke to me. For over four years, I received injections of Vitamin B12 and Imap (neuroleptic drug with depot effect) with no result. At the time of my introduction to the teachings of Bruno Gröning, in November 1989, I was at an all-time low.

Immediately after my introduction, I pulled myself together and since then my flat has always been in order. After three weeks I felt as if the years of depression had never been. Since then, I have been free from depression, and every form of apathy or withdrawal has simply disappeared. I have also been able to discontinue my medication.

Healing of depression

Mr R. B. (25), Linz (Austria)

For three years I suffered from depression which manifested as

follows: difficulty in breathing, suicidal tendencies, loneliness, fear of people, no interest in anything, joylessness, nightmares and vomiting. I was almost continually in bed. Before examinations I lost all self-confidence and often cancelled at the last moment. Psychotherapeutic treatment brought only temporary improvement.

Soon after my introduction to the teachings of Bruno Gröning, in March 1995, I suddenly felt a surge of power and an emotional freedom so that for the first time in a long while, I simply laughed because I felt wonderful. I have an unexpected zest for life, no longer feel tired and am truly healthy.


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