Healing from inflammation of the large intestine (Ulcerative Colitis)

Horst Ramisch (64), Berlin-Marzahn (Germany)

Since my wife died in 1991 I was in a constant state of stress: the loss, household, work and family. In April 1996 I noticed I was increasingly anxious. I also suddenly had three or four very loose stools. In the beginning of May there was also blood in the stools. First I thought it was hemorrhoids. But when the stools, mixed with blood squirted out of me, as though under pressure five to six times a day, I went to my family doctor. I couldn't go to work anymore and hardly left the house. I spent the days and nights lying on the couch or in bed, only interrupted by visits to the toilet. Due to my utter weakness and lack of energy my children had to look after the household. All I wanted was to be left in peace. I didn't stick to the prescribed diet. After a colonoscopy I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis, an inflammatory disease of the large bowel. I was given Salofalk 500 in suppository form and Salofalk (Klysma) for the nights because of the problems. But the treatment didn't give me any relief. The stools continued to be loose, mixed with blood, five to seven times a day. But as I was worried about my situation, I kept taking the prescribed medication.

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Since taking medication didn't bring any relief, my GP told me about Bruno Gröning. At night, when I couldn't sleep, I read books about the teaching of Bruno Gröning, to which I was introduced at the beginning of September. Right at the beginning I felt the Heilstrom like a warm tingling through my whole body. It was a pleasant sensation. From then on I did einstellen every day.


Mid-October 1996, in one day I had to go to the toilet 13 times. Then I suddenly had very strong cramp-like pain in my bowels (it lasted from 8 am to 7 pm). I firmly believed that the cleansing process in my body had started, which Bruno Gröning calls Regelungen.

In the following period of time I had five more very loose bowel movements, mixed with blood. But I kept taking the medication. From the beginning of December, there was no more blood in my stool and it alternated between being loose and firm. Occasionally I used the suppositories. I felt that all the other medicines were not needed any more.

And it continued like this until April 1997. Ever since then, I haven't taken any more medication. The stools are completely normal. I can move about freely and don't need immediate access to a toilet. I can look after my family, the home and the garden again. I am full of energy, strength, and joy and I am able to do all my many chores. I am happy and grateful, that I could come to Bruno Gröning’s teaching. A colonoscopy in 1999 confirmed my healing medically.

Medical commentary:

Based on symptoms and colonoscopy and histology reports, Horst Ramisch received the diagnosis of ulcerative colitis in June 1996. Despite medical therapy with Salofalk, there was no significant improvement. This was confirmed by a routine biopsy in September 1996. Mr. Ramisch then regularly had Salofalk enemas in addition to taking oral Salofalk. The symptoms improved in the spring of 1997. Mr Ramisch then, unbeknown to me, only took the medication when needed. At the end of April, he completely stopped the medication because he was free of any discomfort. A check-up colonoscopy in June 1997 showed a moderate grade chronic colitis with architectural changes compatible with ulcerative colitis in remission. In July 1999, a completely normal colonic mucosa was demonstrated histologically. This is an unusual course of healing of this serious chronic disease, because usually the architectural changes remain leaving scars in the mucosa of the bowel, as evidence that the patient has suffered from ulcerative colitis even if they are in remission. Mr. Ramisch experienced an improvement when he started to take in the Heilstrom regularly and afterwards a complete healing was verified.
Dr. B. S., MD general practitioner


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