Healing from constipation of 10 years’ duration

Suppiah Malliga (45), Singapore

Suppiah Malliga (45), Singapur

The constipation began around the year 2001. There was no particular reason for it. Every trip to the toilet for a bowel movement made me uneasy because the stool was always very hard and I had to bear down hard. That caused severe pain in my abdomen and in the anal area. Sometimes I also had blood in the stool. I was also able to go to the toilet only once or twice a week and therefore didn’t feel well at all. I didn’t go to a doctor or healing practitioner, but drank herb teas and took Ayurvedic medicines and tried to drink more, but without success.

In early April, 2011, I picked up a flyer at the Ayurvedic Center in Singapore. On April 7, 2011, I attended the information lecture on “Healing on the Spiritual Path through the Teaching of Bruno Gröning“. After that I was introduced. I felt the Heilstrom as a tingling all over my body and could believe that it was something good for my life.

I regularly attended the community hours in Singapore, but didn’t regularly tune in. So my condition remained unchanged. In January of 2012, the community leader spoke of the importance of tuning in regularly at home. Since a new year had begun I decided to do it regularly. From that moment on, I took it to heart and tuned in to the Heilstrom twice a day. In early February, 2012, without having changed anything, I suddenly had a normal, soft bowel movement.

Now I can go to the toilet daily, have no more pain, and am simply happy. I now also recognize the importance of tuning in daily! Because of this, the quality of my life has greatly improved. I am sincerely grateful for this healing.

Doctor’s commentary:

Ms. Malliga had suffered from constipation for more than ten years, accompanied by severe pain during bowel movements. Without radical change of one’s life and eating habits, or the use of laxatives, no spontaneous improvement of this symptomatology is to be expected. That in this case a healing came about within a very short time is very surprising from a medical viewpoint. The close chronological connection between the absorption of the Heilstrom according to the teaching of Bruno Gröning and this healing is obvious.
M. K., M.D.


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