Healing from Polyneuropathy of the legs after chemotherapy and radiation treatment

Gertrud M. (62)

Gertrud M. (62)

When I learned from a friend of the teaching of Bruno Gröning, I was emotionally and physically a human wreck. It was in December 2001. What did this Bruno Gröning have to say to me? I had always believed in God and also prayed, however what I then experienced was new to me. They said I should separate myself from everything bad for me. I did that mentally and was actually able to perceive the Heilstrom. This feeling of absorption of energy was strangely familiar to me.

To separate oneself from evil

I found my inner peace, which made me happy despite the ailments I had. I sang and had joy in life once again. I got better and better with a speed which was, for me, impressive. It would surely be going too far to present all the details here. However, to state it briefly, I received healing from, among other things, long years of depression, rheumatism, dimness of vision and many other things as well. I was doing quite well.

Trust and believe

Then after some time and regular attendance at the community hours - I also helped as a volunteer in the Circle of Friends - Regelungen appeared. Although I knew it was a cleansing process in the body which eventually led to wellness, I was tormented by doubts. What had I done wrong? Why didn’t Bruno Gröning and the teaching help me anymore? Despite the good experiences and considerable success I had enjoyed, I abandoned the teaching and didn’t attend the community hours anymore during the years 2003 and 2004.

Illness or Regelung?

In March 2004, Hodgkin’s disease (cancer of the lymph nodes) was diagnosed and treated with chemotherapy and radiation therapy. One of the side-effects of the chemotherapy was severe pain. This changed into a burning, tugging and piercing in my arms and especially in my legs. The pain got even worse at night in bed. I could hardly walk. Doing even light housework was out of the question. For example, I wasn’t even able to peel apples or potatoes anymore. It was difficult to dress myself, too, because I was hardly able to button up. I often fell down because I didn’t have any real feeling in my legs and no strength in my feet. I was hardly able to lift my feet anymore. I kept having to lie down to rest. I was no longer able to walk a short distance or even drive the car. I was totally desperate. In September of 2004, a neurophysiologist diagnosed polyneuropathy of the lower extremities. The pain was sometimes more severe, at other times weaker, and it lasted until January 2005.

“If you want to experience the divine, you have to strive for it.” (Bruno Gröning)

What was I to do? I noticed that the doctors weren’t able to help me. Somehow I realized even after the first chemical treatment that there was no other way for me than to turn to God and the teachings of Bruno Gröning again and ask Bruno Gröning for help. Therefore parallel to the doctors’ efforts I tuned in again regularly and also attended the Community Hours again as often as possible. I was able to believe in Regelungen again and was completely convinced that my body would now be completely cleansed and I would be healed.

“A healed person is a person blessed by God.” (Bruno Gröning)

In the spring of 2005, I took part in a conference of the Bruno Gröning Circle of Friends. There I determined that the pain in my legs was hardly perceptible anymore. In May of 2005, I took part in a hike and was already able to hike for five or six hours, with breaks of course. Since August 2005 - that is, since I took part in the hiking week of the Circle of Friends in Filzmoos - I have even been able to manage six-hour hikes with steeper slopes. Since then all Regelungen have disappeared. I perceive no pain at all in my arms and legs. In the year 2006 I took part in the hiking week again and was able to again participate in very demanding hikes of several hours’ duration. My housework is easy to do again, and I also have no difficulty buttoning my clothing anymore. I am happy again and enjoy my life. I feel a deep gratitude to God and to Bruno Gröning for his help and guidance.

Doctor’s commentary:

Polyneuropathy is a disease of the peripheral nerves - and above all of the cutaneous nerves - with varying origins. With Ms. M., the disturbance developed after chemotherapy through highly toxic substances—a side effect not seldom seen. Polyneuropathy is as a rule scarcely to be medically influenced except through treatment of the basic illness (e.g., diabetes, metabolic disorders, etc.). A spontaneous healing after exposure to toxic substances is not to be expected, so that this positive course of events is unusual.
M. K., M.D.


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