Healing from migraines, fibromyalgia, chronic shoulder pain (periarthritis humeroscapularis), carpal tunnel syndrome in the right hand, and decades of sciatica after two herniated disks

Lilian Johannson (65), Rimini (Italy)

Lilian Johannson (65) Rimini (Italien)It would be a long story to describe in detail the development of all the many illnesses I had, some of them for decades, until I was finally liberated in a wonderful way by absorption of the Heilstrom.


There were tormenting migraine-like headaches that had plagued me from the early 1980’s. Two or three times a month, I was overcome by headaches accompanied by severe nausea. I couldn’t tolerate any light. My co-workers would often have to bring me home, where I would sometimes have to stay in bed for two, three, or even four days ‒ in darkness and in total silence. I took various medications, such as Sinflex or Magnecyl, which brought some relief but did not completely eliminate the pain, even though I was taking four or five tablets in the course of the day.


But it didn’t stop there. Ten years later I developed increasing pain in my right leg. Heat treatments didn’t help ‒ on the contrary, the pain got worse. Then my foot became numb and I could only walk with a limp. My doctor diagnosed a herniated disk. I was operated on, but the pain came back shortly after the operation. I tried everything: all kinds of medication, electrotherapy, exercises, laser treatments, acupuncture and massage. But I couldn’t even sit or bend over, and it took a lot of effort to get out of bed. A second operation in 1996 did help a bit, but still, the pain was always present. On top of this, after the new operation my back was always stiff.

Chronic shoulder pain

In 1991, I also developed pain in the cervical spine and intense shoulder pain. First the left, then the right shoulder was affected. My doctors spoke of an inflammation in both shoulders (periarthritis). Painkillers didn’t help and I would spend entire nights without sleep. Injections would bring some relief, but this condition allowed me no rest.

Carpal tunnel syndrome

And it didn’t stop with just that pain. Soon I had pain as well as increasing numbness in my right hand, especially at night. Then my sense of touch disappeared. Because of this, I couldn’t hold things, not even my coffee cup in the morning. In the course of the day, my sense of touch would slowly return, but the following night the persistent pain would appear again. I couldn’t really work anymore with my right hand, and certainly fine work such as needlework was no longer possible. Electromyography revealed narrowing of a nerve tract in my wrist. My neurologist diagnosed carpal tunnel syndrome.


Finally ‒ I can no longer say exactly when ‒ pain appeared in the muscles and soft tissues of my body. It would always diffusely affect different parts of my body. On my thighs, for example, it felt as though a burning match were being moved around under the skin. The diagnosis was fibromyalgia.

My morale had hit rock bottom, and I saw no way out. After barely sleeping for several years, I was tired and completely exhausted. There were countless visits to specialists in various cities. I also sought the help of a healer and then tried a chiropractor and kinesiology. Sometimes I would get temporary relief, sometimes not. I was so discouraged that I no longer followed the medical instructions carefully. I began to give in to the ailment and to believe that I had to just live with it, with no hope of a life without pain. I was very frightened.

Contact with the teaching of Bruno Gröning

Then in 1999 at an international conference in Bellaria I heard of reports about healing on the spiritual path through the teaching of Bruno Gröning. But because I had so many doubts, I didn’t go to the Circle of Friends until 2002. Then I began to take in the Heilstrom regularly and to attend the community hours.

I soon realized that in spite of all the pain, my constant doubt had blocked my access to this path of healing. Through attending the community hours and regularly taking in the Heilstrom, I became aware that I had to believe in my healing and couldn’t demand it. I mentally gave all my problems to Bruno Gröning. After that, things started to improve.

One has to believe in it

A few months later, in April 2002, all the pain in my spine disappeared. I now live on a hill that has snow all winter long and I can ‒ it’s like miracle ‒ shovel snow like I did when I lived in Sweden. The pain has never come back.

The sharp pain in my shoulders gradually diminished. During the summer of 2002, it disappeared completely. Now I feel my shoulders have been released, and I can move both my arms freely. I can get dressed by myself again, and comb my hair, and finally experience the joy of sleeping peacefully all night long.

My right hand, too, has been normal again since 2002. I didn’t have to have an operation for the carpal tunnel syndrome. It's no problem to hold a coffee cup or any other object in my hand again, and I can do needlework without making mistakes. In addition, I can once again play happily and enthusiastically with my beloved little granddaughter, and hold her in my arms, which had previously been impossible, even when she was a newborn.

During 2003 ‒ I can no longer say exactly when ‒ the migraines disappeared along with all of the symptoms such as vomiting and light-sensitivity.The muscle and soft tissue pain that tormented me, also disappeared completely during 2003.

The despondency that once had me in its grip is now only a bad memory. I feel strong and am no longer afraid of tomorrow. I am happy and grateful to God that He let me become acquainted with the teaching of Bruno Gröning, and I am very grateful to Him for the healings He has given me.

Medical commentary:

There are numerous pain-related illnesses here: decades-long, chronic back pain triggered by two herniated disks in the lumbar spine, which could only be mitigated by two operations; chronic inflammation in both shoulders; a typical case of carpal tunnel syndrome, confirmed by a neurologist; severe migraines; and finally, full-blown fibromyalgia.

From a medical point of view, healing would no longer have been possible. For me as a doctor, the lasting liberation from these chronic ailments after conscious absorption of the Heilstrom is very impressive and convincing.


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