Healing from allergy to flour dust, tinnitus, hardness of hearing, purulent otitis media, frontal and paranasal sinusitis

Peter Ettinger (55), Manching (Germany)

Peter Ettinger (55), Manching (Deutschland)

When I look back on the many decades of illness I often wonder, "How were you able to stand it?" The continual knee and back pain and the severe allergy to flour dust that rendered me incapable of working. Yes, and then there was the noise in my ears from childhood on - the tinnitus - and then the 50 years of ear aches and the 30 years of chronic sinusitis shouldn't be forgotten. It's easy to talk about, but you have to have experienced - better, suffered - it to understand my gratitude for being able to be well now - well through the teaching of Bruno Gröning, well through an energy, the existence of which I wouldn't have believed years ago - the Heilstrom.

A flour-dust allergy took away my occupation as baker

My father was a baker and I followed in his footsteps. I liked being a baker, and business was good. But then in 1970 I got a flour-dust allergy. Whenever I was in the workroom of the bakery, especially when making dough, I became short of breath and had to vomit. I went to the doctor and he diagnosed a flour-dust allergy. I received fresh cell therapy and had intracutaneous injections three times a week. But there was only limited success.

Since the problems became ever more severe, my father always had to make the dough alone in the morning. I could go into the bakery only after the dough was finished. It was so bad that I would immediately have to vomit violently if I ever dared to enter the bakery before the dough was finished and there was still some flour-dust in the air. However, I was able to work at the oven because the flour-dust couldn't affect me in the humidity there. In 1987 my father suddenly died and I had to run the bakery alone. That meant that I had to mix the dough myself. From then on I could only work the dough when wearing a protective mask with a special double filter. However, this filter would become clogged after a short time and I would have to change it at least three times a day. Because of the protective mask, I got an open eczema. I couldn't go on, so in 1999 I gave up my occupation as baker for health reasons.

Otitis media since childhood

I suffered from chronic ear infections since childhood. I was treated with antibiotics and ear drops, which always helped, but couldn't stop the next earache from coming. One infection was hardly over when the next one came. My doctor diagnosed chronic otitis media. I always had to keep both my ears warm, whether in summer or winter, with at least cotton wool in my ears, and usually even with a thick cap.

The earaches were continual for 50 years. In 1970 I also developed sinusitis. It would begin like a cold, and then a headache, a feeling of heaviness in my head and my nose was stuffed. In spite of antibiotics, I would be handicapped with this for seven to ten days until it would all fade away. However, it wouldn't be long until the next sinusitis would come. My ENT doctor kept removing polyps, but he could provide no lasting help. Then he said that it was chronic and that I would have to live with it.

Noise in the ears (tinnitus) and hardness of hearing

From childhood on I also suffered from noise in the ears of changing intensity and strong sensitivity to noise. With every inflammation of the ears the sounds were more unpleasant and stronger, with more whistling and buzzing. Sometimes I only heard muffled tones. The left ear was especially affected, while the sound was somewhat softer in the right ear. As time went on my hearing worsened in both ears. My doctor attributed this to the frequently occurrences ear infections. I usually had to ask people to repeat what they said because I simply didn't understand them.

Daily knee pain for three decades

You can live with some illnesses if there is no pain, but what began in the year 1979 with a skiing accident was pure hell for me. I injured my left knee in the accident and my leg was put in a cast. But the pain in this knee never stopped. It was especially severe when I was resting and at night. As a baker it was often sheer torture for me to stand at the oven. It also hurt terribly when I made turning movements.

In 1998 the same pain began in my right knee. It had the same stabbing and piercing pain as in the left knee. It was especially severe when driving and sometimes I was only able to put my foot on the gas pedal with the help of both my hands. It hurt so terribly that I can hardly describe what the pain was really like. It was a continuing pain that went on whether I was moving or my knee was still. The doctor diagnosed a damaged meniscus and arthritis. I was treated with shots and bandages, but nothing they tried brought any relief. This condition remained the same until my introduction...

... and then also in my back

It was just nine years after the skiing accident that the back pain began, since as a baker I usually had to work with a bent-over posture. The stabbing, piercing pain went from my lumbar spine down to my feet. Especially at night I had to get up every two hours because I had the feeling while lying that my sacrum was going to break. To relieve my back during the day I often had to lie down on the hard floor and prop my legs up on a stool. In the morning in the bakery workroom I would sit with my back to the already warm oven in order to warm up. Only in this way could I become more flexible and make the pain somewhat more endurable. I was given shots, massages and hot packs, but nothing brought more than a short-lived improvement. No therapy helped in a lasting way. My doctor diagnosed lumbago. I got some relief by giving up the bakery business, but the continual pain remained.

The turning point comes

It was in March 2000 - I will never forget this date - that I learned of the Bruno Gröning Circle of Friends. I was swimming with my wife in Bad Gogging when a woman noticed us. After a short time she sent her partner over to us to ask whether we could ‘believe'. I answered in the affirmative and then the woman came over to us and told us about the teaching of Bruno Gröning. In March 2000 we were introduced to the teaching of Bruno Gröning.

Spontaneous healing from chronic illnesses that had lasted for decades

I still get tears in my eyes when I think back on what happened to me after the introduction to the teaching of Bruno Gröning. I perceived the Heilstrom as a tingling and streaming through my entire body. At first the thoughts wanted to keep on coming. I thought, "How can this tingling help you?" And then I experienced how one illness after the other melted away and disappeared like snow in the warm spring sun.

Since the introduction the fifty years of earache and infections have been a thing of the past. Nor has any more sinusitis appeared. A few days later even the chronic pain in my left knee disappeared. The illnesses were simply gone.

In June 2000 - that is, three months later - my successor opened the bakery again and I helped out in the bakery workshop every day. Since I was also present in the room when the dough was being made, I noticed to my great astonishment that I no longer had a reaction to the flour-dust. I was able to stand in the thick cloud of flour-dust without shortness of breath or vomiting - nothing.

I went on helping my successor in the bakery workshop until March 2001. Even though I still have contact with flour-dust every now and then due to the fact that the bakery is on the ground floor of my house, this no longer affects my life.

I asked for help and then all the pain disappeared

Even though the pain in my left knee that had bothered me for over 30 years had disappeared after my introduction, the pain in my back and right knee remained unchanged. At first I hadn't yet understood what Regelungen were and for this reason didn't believe in Regelungen. I only attended the community hours irregularly.

Then in April 2001 something very special happened. I had an appointment in Munich. While there I was in such terrible pain that I didn't think I could go on sitting.

There was a raging activity in my left and right knees and in my back. After the discussion was over I went to the elevator. But since some people on crutches were standing there I pulled myself together and mentally asked Bruno Gröning for help. At this moment, as I wanted to proceed I noticed that all the pain had disappeared and that knees and back - everything - was free from complaints. I could hardly believe it, but from that moment on I had no more pain. I can even hike in the mountains again. Since that point in time I have believed in the effectiveness of the teaching of Bruno Gröning and also attend the community hours.

Healing is a blessing

With the noise in my ears, too, there was at first no improvement. In fact, the hardness of hearing got even worse. So in September 2001 I bought myself hearing aids, since I couldn't do without them. However, just two months later, in November, I needed new, stronger devices. Then in early 2002 I had the following experience in a community hour: I had to decrease the volume of both hearing aids twice, one after the other, because they had become unbearably loud for me.

At some point I took both hearing aids out of my ears and determined that I could hear completely normally. I could also hear soft sounds again. Since then I no longer need hearing aids. After 50 years, the noises in my ears, too, had disappeared.

After everything that I have experienced in the Bruno Gröning Circle of Friends I have realized that God exists. For me all these healings are a blessing and not a matter of course. I know that a new life has been granted to me here.

Medical commentary:

Several chronic illnesses are described here, most of which lasted for decades. A complete healing would in no case have been expected with such a course of events. The impressive spontaneous healings are inexplicable from a medical viewpoint.


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