Healing from a herniated disc

Christine Wellinger (55), Salzburg (Austria)

Christine Wellinger (55), Salzburg (Österreich)

Starting in 2006, I kept having brief periods of lumbago after hard work such as lifting or when I kept my wet bathing suit on after swimming. Even when I avoided such things, I still had a dull pain in my back. This also influenced my performance at work. Because I had been in the Bruno Gröning Circle of Friends since 1989 and had been applying the teaching of Bruno Gröning in my life since then, I did einstellen and asked that the pain disappear.

With great pain lie, stand or walk

And nevertheless it happened: One Sunday, February 25, 2007, I was no longer able to stand up by myself after sitting for a long time. I perceived massive pain in the area of the lumbar spine. It was also almost impossible for me to walk. The pain was so intense that I could only walk bent over, step by step, to the car to drive home. My family doctor gave me some analgesic infusions which brought only a little relief. Stronger drugs, too, failed to provide the desired effect. I was sent to a radiologist and had a CAT scan. The diagnosis was a herniated disc L 4/5 which extended 6-7 mm beyond the lower edge of the vertebra with compression of the left nerve root. At the level of lumbar vertebrae 3/4, too, a warp of about 5 mm was determined.

I could lie down, stand or walk only with the severest pain; only sitting was halfway bearable. At night it was impossible to find a painless position. The pain went from my back to my left hip, down my leg to the ankle. I walked bent over and askew. My whole life was restricted. I could no longer go shopping alone because the slightest weight that I wanted to carry caused even more severe pain. My husband had to hang up the washing. Naturally I was on sick leave.

I took the painkiller Aulin three times a day because I tolerated it. Now and then the doctor did acupuncture, but without success. Massages only made everything worse. Physical therapy, mudpacks, electric currents, the whole routine! Since nothing helped, a date was set for an operation on October 11, 2007, at the Innsbruck University Hospital. By then anything was all right with me as long as the pain stopped.

My firm belief in healing was there again

I had been doing einstellen the whole time, but just before the operation date - I had the feeling “now it’s getting serious“—much more intensely, and suddenly my firm belief in healing was there again. Apparently I had lacked it before despite the pain. From a dear friend I got home-pressed St. John’s wort oil, which I applied on my back every night with the picture of Bruno Gröning. I had the feeling of being more intensively connected with the Heilstrom through the picture. I did that for about two weeks. The operation date drew nearer and the pain lessened. I was getting better day by day. After a week, at the beginning of October 2007, I said to my husband, “I have no more pain.” He couldn’t comprehend it, as he had seen my condition the whole time. Nevertheless, we drove to Innsbruck and a magnetic resonance examination (MRT) was carried out. The examination showed that the nerve root was no longer compressed and that therefore an operation was no longer necessary. I was discharged on the third day. Since that time I have been able to go to work again, do my shopping, hike, ski and do all the housework. I can walk upright again. In the autumn of 2008, Regelungen appeared again in the area of the lumbar vertebrae. They were somewhat weaker, without radiation; and lasted about ten days, then were all over. In January, 2009, I helped lift a heavy stove into a car - and then, too, I had no pain. How nice it is to have a healthy body! I am grateful to God with all my heart!


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