Healing from fibromyalgia (soft tissue rheumatism)

Ida Morina (59), Rotterdam (Netherlands)

Ida Morina (59), Rotterdam (Niederlanden)

In 1999 I developed physical problems. It began with a stabbing pain in my right arm. Later came a continuing, gnawing pain which got worse on using the arm. My family doctor thought I had “tennis arm”. He prescribed physical therapy, which, however, brought only short-term improvement. As this wore off the pain spread through both hands and arms. It was similar to the pain described above. Because of the pain I was no longer able to do my housekeeping - washing and vacuuming, among other things. By April of 2002, these problems had become so severe that I was also unable to handle my job. Life became more and more difficult, I felt exhausted and didn’t feel like doing anything anymore. I could hardly move my arms anymore. So, for example, I had to prop up my hand when brushing my teeth. My legs hurt when walking and also when I lay in bed. I simply couldn’t keep my legs still when lying and had to keep changing my position. Because of this I slept poorly at night. My body hurt continually with all my daily chores. I could no longer do anything on foot and could only get a little exercise by cycling since it didn’t hurt so much. But the problems got even worse. By 2003 I couldn’t even lift a cup of coffee anymore. I was declared 100% unfit for work and from April 2003 on received a pension. During this period I went to a rehab-center as an out-patient. There they told me I would have to learn to live with the ailment and the related pain. Now and then I went for physical therapy because of the pain in my neck and shoulders, but that only made the pain worse. For fear of dependence I didn’t want to take any medication against this ailment; I only took a painkiller when the pain became too severe.

When no doctor can help

One of my friends already belonged to the Bruno Gröning Circle of Friends. She told me about the teaching and the community hours of the Circle of Friends. In October of 2003 I went to an information lecture. During this lecture all kinds of things happened in my body. I perceived the Heilstrom in my whole body and an indescribable feeling of warmth and love streamed through me. This feeling was proof for me that I had found what I had sought for so long - connection with God. I am impressed by the fact that a few weeks before this lecture I had prayed to God for help. I regarded this guidance as an immediate answer to my prayer. I had to cry during the entire lecture. I felt as if I was being liberated.

A return to the Good

After my introduction there was a complete change in my life. I began to do einstellen every day. I felt lighter - the heaviness had disappeared. I had more energy and began to experience joy in many things again. A month after my introduction I had an examination at a hospital. Fibromyalgia was diagnosed. However, I trusted that God helps and heals. Strengthened by absorption of the Heilstrom, I was able to cope with life more easily. I didn’t concern myself with the pain any longer. It seemed to me as if it was gradually decreasing. Four months later I started to work again as a volunteer helper in a psychiatric outpatient clinic. And I began a training program. Six months after the introduction my youngest son asked, “Mama, how is it going now with the rheumatism and pain?” I said, “Now that you ask, that’s right - I don’t have them anymore. It’s all gone!” I had obviously unknowingly separated myself from the ailments, no longer had pain in my neck and shoulders, and no longer need psychotherapy. Today my movement is no longer restricted. I can once again lift up a cup of coffee effortlessly, brush my teeth with one hand completely normally and can sleep well again. I can move my arms again without pain and do my housework all alone again. Since the summer of 2005 I have been taking part in the hikes of the Circle of Friends in the Austrian mountains with no problems. Now, six years after my introduction, I am still very well. I have found something which shows me the way. That is what I have been looking for all my life. I couldn’t receive a greater gift, and I thank Bruno Gröning and God every day.

Physician’s Commentary:

Intensive long-term therapy by doctors, physical and psychotherapists can mitigate the pain of fibromyalgia. In the case of Ms. Morina, the therapeutic measures failed and a disability pension was granted. Her complete liberation from the illness which had impeded her life greatly is inexplicable from a medical viewpoint.
Dr. M. K., MD


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