Healings of dyspnea (asthma)

Heilung von Asthma bronchiale

Helande från bronkialastma

Lily Agbetsiafa (58), Accra (Ghana, Africa)

Mitt lidande började när jag var ungefär 23 år gammal. Läkarens diagnos kronisk astma. Vilket följde mig i över 30 år. Medan tiden gick blev min attacker värre och värre. De inträffade ibland både två och tre gånger per dag, och var ibland väldigt allvarliga. Det var väldigt svårt för mig att andas eller ens att få någon luft alls. Sällan var jag fri längre än en vecka från dessa attacker. Min man fick ofta ta mig till sjukhuset, då speciellt under natten, mitt tillstånd blev ofta så kritsikst att jag trodde jag skulle kvävas.

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Sujata Sudhir Kate (37)

Healing from bronchial asthma and mental problems

Sujata Sudhir Kate (37), Pune (India)

In the year 2000 I couldn’t get enough air to breathe and turned blue in the face. Since I was afraid, I visited a doctor who carried out all the usual examinations of blood and urine, and allergy tests. He diagnosed a bird-feather dust allergy. Although we moved our 18 birds and three parrots to an aviary outside the house, the breathing problems persisted. The asthma usually appeared with cold weather or when I ate or drank something cold. My doctor prescribed Rotatile capsules and inhalations with Asthelin drops in hot water. That gave me some temporary relief, but the asthma attacks came ever more frequently - up to two per week, often at night.

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Healing from allergies and bronchial asthma

Constantin Riedl (41), Regensburg (Deutschland)

For around 25 years, from spring to autumn - during the blooming period of grasses and trees - I suffered from severe hay fever with red, watery eyes, runny nose, sneezing attacks, continually swollen mucous membranes, and frequent sinusitis. Moreover, I reacted allergically to animal hair, feathers, nuts, house dust, and alcohol which manifested itself through sneezing, catarrh, scratching and swelling of the throat as far as dyspnoea. During the last 12 years asthma attacks with breathing difficulty, sweating attacks and feelings of anxiety occurred more and more frequently.

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Healing from bronchial asthma and grass pollen allergy

Werner Kirmer (59), Hoyerswerda (Germany)

I was burdened with bronchitis since childhood. My military service, to which I was called despite the fact that the bronchitis hadn’t healed, was “ended” after only 14 days. I spent it, so to speak, in the sick bay. After six months I was finally withdrawn from service. The diagnosis was “bronchial asthma”. Toward the end of the seventies it was determined that, in addition to the asthma, I also suffered from a grass pollen allergy.

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Healing from asthma

Ruben T. (Columbia), about son Juan Sebastian (14)

My 14-year-old son Juan Sebastian suffered from asthma for at least eight years. The attacks occurred about once every two to three months. We went to many different doctors; allergy specialists, GPs, pediatricians. They ran a variety of tests, for example, blood and allergy tests. He always slept with an inhaler under his pillow and took medication. With almost every attack I had to take him to hospital because the inhaler was of little use. We were regular guests there. He also couldn't play any sport.

In 1999 I took part in the 4th TAKE (Pan-American Esperanto Congress). By chance, I happened to attend a lecture on spiritual healing through the teaching of Bruno Gröning. After the medical student K. B. had presented documented healings to us, I put my skepticism aside and said to myself, "What do I have to lose by following this?" At the end of the lecture there was an opportunity to do einstellen for other people. I did this for my son Juan Sebastian.

Back at home it transpired that my son has never had another asthma attack since then. He needs no medication anymore, doesn’t need to go to hospital, sleeps without an inhaler, can play sport and loves roller skating at the sports club.

Healing from asthma

Katharina V. (Switzerland), about niece (6 and a half)

My little niece (six and a half years old), suffered from asthma since she was two. Every two or three weeks she had to be taken to the Emergency Department. After I had been introduced to the teaching of Bruno Gröning, I did einstellen for her on a regular basis. After two months the little girl was completely free of asthma. To this day she hasn't needed any medication any more.

Healing of bronchial asthma

Mr R. B. (22), Wismar (Germany)

From childhood I had breathing difficulties. At first the doctors diagnosed spastic bronchitis, later there was talk of bronchial asthma. Over the years my breathing problems became worse and more frequent. The attacks woke me at night. During the day my shortness of breath was related to stress and also occurred when I had a cold. Gradually I had to keep increasing the doses of medicine: solutions of Theophylline and metered-dose aerosols. I could not come to terms with the idea of having to take these for the rest of my life just to be more or less problem free.

At the beginning of June 1990 I was introduced to the teachings of Bruno Gröning. One week later I was able to discontinue my medicine. Since then I have had no further breathing difficulties. I do not require medicine and can extend myself physically, which previously was impossible, even with medicine.

Healing of bronchial asthma

Mrs A. N. (52), Munich (Germany)

From June 1992 I suffered from asthma. From the spring of 1993 I was unable to run my home or climb stairs. The slightest exertion caused me to perspire and have breathing difficulties. I could only master the condition if I sat still. An emergency doctor often had to inject me with a preparation of Theophylline, which helped me to rest and sleep for a few hours in a sitting position. Amongst the medicines I took were: ACC 200 (Acetylcysteine) three times a day; Berodual controlled-dosage aerosol up to 20 times a day; Sultanol inhalation solution (Albuterol); Theophylline tablets and cortisone sprays. A cortisone treatment in hospital at the end of August 1993 was unsuccessful.

During one of my stays in hospital I heard about the Bruno Gröning Circle of Friends and learned about his teachings. A few days later I had completely recovered and was discharged from hospital. I have not had another attack. I have been healed, my powers of endurance are fully restored and I need no medication.


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