Eyewitness Report

Healing from constipation and embolism. “That event was the talk of the town”

Bruno Gröning mit RollstuhlfahrerAt the same time that people were waiting for help at the Wilhelmsplatz, events like the following were taking place elsewhere.

Doctors had given up on the mother of our eye-witness. She had had no bowel movement for six weeks. Enemas and laxatives had no effect. She also had an embolism.

Eye-witness: “We, all the family members, were at our wits’ end. We grasped at every straw that could help our mother. This was the situation when we heard that Bruno Gröning was here in Herford with a very sick person in Wittekind Street. I went there. There were already twenty other people, all of them seeking help. When Bruno Gröning came out to greet us, he said to me, ‘Wait for me in the kitchen. This evening I’ll go with you to your mother.’ I don’t know how he knew that I had come because of my mother. I had said nothing to him.

While waiting in the kitchen, I witnessed the following scene: A mother arrived with her child who had terrible whooping cough. We had already heard this dreadful whooping from afar. The child and the mother were led into the kitchen. Bruno Gröning stroked the child’s hair tenderly. Turning to the mother, he said, ‘Pay attention to your child. In a quarter of an hour she will vomit yellow mucus.’ Then he left the kitchen to attend to the other people. Suddenly the child began to retch. I just managed to pick her up and hold her over the coal box before she vomited. I had never seen such an attack of vomiting in my life. Later Bruno Gröning said to the mother, ‘Your child is healthy…’ She left, and the girl did not cough again.

At midnight we drove to see my mother in Bielefeld. While we were on our way, Bruno Gröning said that I should not worry, as the healing power comes from God. A human being must believe in the Good. Furthermore, Bruno Gröning told me that he was already now, during our trip in the car, attending to my mother; indeed, he was spiritually focusing on her.

When we entered my mother’s bedroom, Bruno Gröning sat down on her bed. To my great joy, I saw that her eyes were already noticeably clearer. Her stomach, however, was swollen like a barrel. Bruno Gröning then spoke to her, and I could see how the joy of life flowed back into my mother. Her heart opened to Bruno Gröning; she believed in him. He asked for a glass of water for my mother and said that it would do her good. I fetched fresh water from the pump in the yard, and my mother drank it. Bruno Gröning then turned to my father and said, ‘Pay attention to the stools and urine of your wife. You will be amazed how everything is loosening up inside and at what will come out.’ My father asked Bruno Gröning what he should pay him. Bruno Gröning simply said, ‘We should thank God, and write a letter of appreciation outlining what we have experienced.’

The next day my mother’s stomach started to rumble. Father said that the stools she passed filled seven pans. Two days later my mother got out of bed, completely healed. From that moment, her ulcerated legs and varicose veins were also completely healed, without any medical attention. Her doctor was speechless. This event was the main topic of conversation in our village.

When I looked Bruno Gröning in the eyes, I knew. Here is a true believer! His personal charisma was unique. If anyone had told me about such an experience before, I would have thought, ‘Come on, you’re crazy!’ But you have to experience it for yourself to be able to believe it. This event was a unique experience for me.”


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