Eyewitness Gottfried Kalz

"The news ‘She can walk!’ spreads like wild fire"

Bruno Gröning mit KrankerThe mother of my colleague had been wheel-chair bound for 25 years. When the conversation turned to Bruno Gröning, I said to her, ‘Try it, let the man come...’ That was, I believe, in 1956. They got in touch with Bruno Gröning, and he promised to come and see them one morning.

When Bruno Gröning arrived, several friends of the family were there, because they were curious to see what was going to happen. Old Mrs. W. was taken out of her bed and put into the wheel-chair in the living room, opposite where Bruno Gröning was sitting. Nobody was allowed to stay in the room. Everybody had to leave.

Old Mrs. W. and Mr. Gröning were left alone. All agog, we were listening outside the living room door, hoping to hear something. Suddenly we heard Bruno Gröning saying loudly and clearly, 'Get up and walk...' I can swear that the old lady could not walk one single step before! When we heard these words, nothing could keep us behind the door any longer. We threw it open and saw that old Mrs. W. could now walk. My colleague's wife wanted to give her mother-in-law a helping hand, but Bruno Gröning told her that Mrs. W. could walk by herself. She really got up and walked freely, without help, all by herself! We all had tears in our eyes. It was hard to believe, but we had seen and witnessed it with our own eyes.

Bruno Gröning had neither hypnotized old Mrs. W., nor touched her. He had only looked her firmly in the eye, and had said, 'Stand up!' And lo and behold, she got up and walked.

It made me think, ‘Could it be that there really is a God?’ There was not a single person in the room who was not crying for joy. It was simply a deeply moving experience. And then Bruno Gröning said, 'You can walk now.'

Mrs. W. was the talk of the town. It was a sensation. The news spread like wildfire. She can walk! Within a very short time, approximately 200 people had gathered, wanting to see Mrs. W. walk. She walked up and down the street to show the people.

Bruno Gröning did not ask for payment for coming. I can only report good things about him; he had a very special charisma. Mrs. W.’s healing has lasted.


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