Healings from knee pain

Healing from 20 years of knee pain

Max Köck (67), Austria

On December 22, 1988, my moped skidded on gravel and the front part of the moped fell on my left knee. The pain was severe and I couldn’t stand up. When I got to the hospital, my left knee had already swollen to double its size and the very severe pain continued.


Healing of a stiff knee

Lászlóné Bartók (59), Budapest (Ungarn)

I first noticed in the year 2005 that I could only bend my knee about 50%. Although it caused no pain with normal movement, I was unable to squat because of the stiffness. I had already become used to it, so the ailment caused no problem in my everyday life. Therefore I didn't see a doctor.


Healing of pain in the right knee after an accident

Mr F. H. (52), Schwäbisch Hall (Germany)

In October 1989 at work I lost my footing and fell, hitting my knee on a steel sheet. From then onwards I had permanent pain in my knee, whether at rest or moving.

In December 1989 I learned about the teachings of Bruno Gröning and experienced spontaneous healing. Since then the pain in my knee has vanished. Not only am I free from pain, but also feel much lighter and full of strength.

Healing of chronic bursitis of the knee after a fall

Mrs P. St. (75), Weyer (Austria)

After a fall in 1988 I contracted bursitis, which caused me a lot of problems and necessitated constant medical attention. This was particularly the case when I walked uphill, for an enormous sac formed, which had to be punctured. Despite a knee bandage, the fluid could never be fully drained.

In February 1993 I was introduced to the teachings of Bruno Gröning. Two months later I joined a mountain tour and forgot to put on my bandage. No fluid collected at my knee joint and the fluid that had been there before was also gone. And so it has remained to date.


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