Healings of inflammation of the liver (hepatitis)

Healing of chronic hepatitis

Mr. L. N. (32), Kerkrade (Netherlands)

At the beginning of 1979 I contracted chronic hepatitis after injecting drugs with an infected needle. Several hospital stays followed but they brought neither respite nor cure. In the meantime, from February 1980, I was classified as 100 % disabled and received a pension. I was constantly tired, on edge and felt weak. A liver specialist diagnosed a non-A, non-B hepatitis. A laparoscopy with a liver biopsy revealed an active chronic hepatitis (grade II). My condition was declared incurable. The specialist stopped the current treatment and prescribed a two-year course of Prednisone. As there was no improvement after a year, I decided to throw away medicines. In October 1985 new tests revealed the following values: AST 240 mU/mL, ALT 540 mU/mL (the normal value is less than 20 mU/mL. Alternative healing methods such as acupuncture, herbs, etc. also did not help. Due to my extreme weakness I could not even work for three hours.

After my introduction to the teachings of Bruno Gröning, on Easter Sunday 1990, I felt my strength increase. In time I was stronger for progressively longer periods so that I could work again. During the summer of 1991 I had a follow-up examination which showed that my liver values were normal. Now I am again able to work a full day.


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