Healings of lymphoma (Non-Hodgkins-lymphoma)

Healing of Lymphoma

Edeltraud Carl (54), Bayreuth (Germany)


I had a tumor in the parotid gland. A subsequent medical examination revealed that I was suffering from a cancer, known as non-Hodgkin lymphoma (lymph node cancer). This caused pain in the left side of my face. The parotid gland was removed in February 1993. Further examinations revealed that it was an incurable form of cancer that had already spread to the bone marrow. I was quite frightened after getting this diagnosis. I felt desperate, suffered from severe insomnia and mood swings. I was prescribed 25 radiation treatments. These had a terrible effect on me. I suffered from hair loss, fungal infections in my feet and mouth and a lack of red blood cells. I felt very tired and had no energy. In addition to this, it took months for wounds to heal. In June 1993 I was sent to a convalescent center. However this did not lead to any notable improvement. In August another cancerous tumor was diagnosed in the right groin. I had surgery in October, but I declined further radiation treatment.


Healing of lymphoma in the stomach

Lina W. (78), Bremen (Germany)

Over a three-month period in 1991 I suddenly lost 10 kilos. I simply could not eat any longer. I was admitted to hospital where cancer of the stomach was diagnosed. (The detailed diagnosis was: Highly malignant non-Hodgkin's lymphoma. Primary location: stomach) I was advised to have an operation, followed by chemotherapy. I refused this because I had experienced the death of my daughter and both sons-in-law from cancer after chemotherapy. Against medical advice, I left hospital to die at home. When I had been home a few days I was astonished to realise that my appetite had returned. One night I suddenly had intense pain for two hours in the region of my stomach, and then it was gone again as rapidly as it had come. I had never experienced anything like this before. My appetite continued to increase, and by December I could eat everything and had regained my former weight. Every sign of tiredness and weakness had vanished.

Soon after Christmas, Mrs. U., a nursing sister who lives in my building, told me that she had tuned in for me in accordance with the teachings of Bruno Gröning. In January 1992 I accompanied her to an introductory talk, and since then I have regularly attended the community meetings. I have had no recurrence of my problems. To the great surprise of my doctors, a follow-up examination showed no sign of a cancerous growth in my stomach. It had simply disappeared.


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