Healings of bronchitis

Heilung von 58 Jahren Stottern und 25 Jahren chronischer Bronchitis

58 年的口吃和 25 年的长期支气管炎的疗愈

Dorofej E.K. (78岁) ,吉茨赛纳小组,圣彼得堡 (俄罗斯联邦)

我受急性呼吸道病症折磨超过 25 年,症状包括支气管炎、要命的咳嗽和伤风,我在胸肺结核病护理中心接受检查,医生确诊长期阻塞性支气管炎,这个病在春秋两季,或是天气转冷发作时会特别猛恶,在公共汽车站站立太久,弄湿双脚,受到阵阵冷风吹袭等等,都会引致病发。



Healing of chronic bronchitis

Mrs C. K. (22), Wegberg (Germany)

From early childhood I suffered first from croup, then from chronic bronchitis, and, according to the time of year, I was either more - or less - affected. Our house doctor prescribed penicillin. My problem then extended to head colds, runny nose, fever, aching joints and general weakness.

My mother introduced me to the teachings of Bruno Gröning. Some time later I developed a bad cough and a higher fever than usual. Two days later the cough and the fever were gone. Since then the cough has never returned.

Healing of chronic bronchitis

Mr R. G. (51), Cologne (Germany)

For 10 to 12 years I contracted bronchitis once or twice a year, usually accompanied by fever and a throat irritation that caused constant coughing and breathing difficulties. The medicines prescribed by my doctor cleared the condition in 14 days.

I was introduced to the teachings of Bruno Gröning in March 1991. At the time I had had a bad cough for two months, which disappeared after my introduction. To date I have never had bronchitis again.

Healing of chronic bronchitis

Mrs E. V. (53), Bochum (Germany)

I suffered from bronchitis for 5-6 years and by the time I was introduced to the teachings of Bruno Gröning, in May 1993, the intervals between the acute phases of attacks was down to three weeks. A deep-seated cough with a purulent discharge and nightly bouts of suffocation left me with little or no sleep over periods lasting two to three weeks. Anti-inflammatory and expectorant medications, antibiotics (Doxycyline), mustard plasters and teas gave me temporary relief and brought down the fever, but I coughed continuously between the acute stages and felt worn out and miserable.

In May 1993 I was introduced to the teachings of Bruno Gröning and my problems continued unabated for another five months until, at the end of October, I experienced the last acute phase. From then onwards the cough and feeling of weakness completely disappeared and I have never had another attack of bronchitis.

Healing of chronic bronchitis

Mrs M. B. (37), Frankfurt (Germany)

From 1977 I had bronchitis first once, then three to four times a year, with fever, breathing difficulties and pain from coughing. After 14 days of medication the attacks abated. My doctor spoke about chronic bronchitis.

Since my introduction to the teachings of Bruno Gröning in 1991 I have not had another attack of bronchitis.


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