Healing from alcohol and drug addiction and duodenal ulcers

S. T. (53), Springe (Germany)


After my sister's death in 1974, I had serious stomach aches with ulcers. I got tablets and injections against the severe pain. As no improvement occurred, gastric examinations were made in regular intervals. The diagnosis was chronic stomach and duodenal ulcer. I should learn to live with recurrent ulcers.

I had no more hope

After 20 years of pain (1994) I was totally down and had no more hope. I pepped myself up with alcohol. At first it was wine, later schnapps and finally I drank up to 2/3 quart daily. With the daily alcohol consumption I became unreliable and lost my job. Additionally I took lots of painkillers and tranquilizers, among others Valium.

Spontaneous healed

Through a friend I learnt about the Bruno Gröning Circle of Friends. In January, 1996, I was introduced into the teaching. Since the introduction I spontaneously stopped taking tablets and drinking alcohol. Now I also wanted to get rid of the stomach pain. I used all possible time to absorb the Heilstrom and to familiarize myself with the teaching of Bruno Gröning.

The pain steadily decreased and since the end of May, 1996, I have been totally free of any complaints. Despite of a new severe burden caused by nursing a near relative, I didn't get any thoughts about a relapse. Schnapps can stand next to me now; I don't feel any need for it.

Psychologist's commentary:

Ms. T's addiction started only when she could no longer bear the enormous physical pain and hopeless mental condition; this lead to an addiction to alcohol and a variety of prescription drugs. It can be assumed that she had no tendency for the consumption of drugs as she lived with the pain without drugs for more than 20 years. Only when she had reached the absolute low in her life did she develop a strong need for compensation.

Through the absorption of the healing power Ms. T. was lifted out of the depth of despair and the addiction disappeared from overnight. Due to Ms. T's constellation one could consider the end of the addiction as the logical consequence of the mental improvement. However, it still is very astonishing that she never again needed to take any drugs, as she still had to live with severe pain. Psychologically it can't be satisfyingly explained how, by simply absorbing the Heilstrom according to the teaching of Bruno Gröning, the mental low could be eased so quickly and so efficiently that even with direct confrontation of the drugs there was no danger of a relapse.

Dr. J. W., Psychologist


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