Healing from chronic back problems, allergies, migraine, pain in both knees, and calcaneal spurs on both heels

Horst-Hubertus Krug (65), Konstanz (Germany)

Horst-Hubertus Krug (65), Konstanz (Deutschland)

At 13, I was treated for the first time by an orthopedist for severe back pain. I had grown around 8 inches in one year. My cervical, thoracic and lumbar vertebrae showed considerable deformation with extremely painful consequences.

Back pain

Specialists at the time diagnosed multisegmental spondylosis / osteochondrosis (wear of the intervertebral disks and the vertebral bodies) of the cervical vertebrae, but also of the thoracic and lumbar vertebrae as well. At 16, I went to school on crutches and followed the lessons while leaning against the wall. By the time I was 18, the symptoms had improved because some of the vertebrae had grown together. However, I couldn't sit upright on the floor. It was impossible to lie down flat. On a bicycle or in a car I was unable to look backward because I couldn't turn my head. I helped myself by attaching additional mirrors. There was often acute back pain. Voltaren salve and tablets (Diclofenac) as well as painkillers were my constant companions when moving about. In the course of the years, the complaints became worse. Often I could only sleep a few hours because of the back pain.


In 1968, at the age of about 21, I also became allergic to various foods, sweets, beer, and solvents in paints and lacquers. My reactions were attacks of sweating, circulatory problems almost to the point of unconsciousness, and vomiting. I had to give up painting. It was difficult to eat in a restaurant. I needed 50 or 60 Celestamine tablets yearly and a package of Fenistil every eight weeks.


In the same year – 1968 - I began to suffer from migraines with severe headaches and photosensitivity. It was a pulsating, sharp pain above the temples on both sides. In 1991, the situation was worsened more by migraines of the eyes with visual-field defects and daily attacks that lasted for weeks. After that these severe migraine attacks would occur periodically every few years. The migraine-like headaches occurred more frequently, often for several days at a time.

Knee pain

In the mid-nineties, pain became noticeable in both knees. An x-ray examination revealed arthritis. The pain occurred with turning movements, climbing stairs, and walking. I acquired some flexible walking canes which I always used on hikes or walks. Without my canes I could no longer stand after 20 minutes.

Heel spurs

From 2006, on I wore heel cushions in my shoes that were recommended by my family doctor. Painful heel spurs had gradually formed on both feet. None of my shoes fit anymore. My shoe size changed from 41.5 to 43.5. I usually wore sandals from which I had cut off the back strap.

Spontaneously healed

In March, 2010, I took part as a test subject in a six-seek study. There I got into a conversation with another participant. We talked about the role illness played in our lives, and I mentioned faith in God. This induced him to give me a short introduction to the teaching of Bruno Gröning: the important thing was to have faith in God, give up the illness - never holding on to it - and never saying “I have . . .” but rather, “I had . . .”, and to open up your hands to accept the gift. I lay down on the bed with my arms elongated next to my body and the palms of my hands opened upward, and thought, “Actually I can't do anything wrong.” With the wish for healing in my heart, I immediately fell asleep. After an undisturbed sleep I awoke the next morning with the thought, “I am well.”

I stood up and first of all lay down flat on the floor. That was unproblematic - all pain and blockages were gone. In December, 2010, a short time of Regelungen occurred. It was the pain I had had as a 16-year-old; after a few hours it was gone. Since then I have been free from all back problems.

Since that morning I have had no more migraine attacks except for a short Regelungen in January, 2011.

During the first days of the study I gave my jam and yoghurt to other participants. Already on the day after the short introductory conversation I felt a hunger for jam. It tasted good, I and was able to tolerate it - and the yoghurt as well. Since then I have been able to eat all foods without hesitation. Contact with paints and solvents is no longer a problem. I can eat without concern in a restaurant. Cooking has become easy for my partner, too. The reactions I had known for years failed to appear.

The knee pain also disappeared that morning. I can even play table tennis again now, where you have to move quickly. Long walks and hikes are now without pain and are even possible without hiking canes. After the introduction, I paid no attention to my feet anymore until I noticed that the shoe size 41.5 fit me again without pain. The heel spurs have disappeared. I can walk without pain and engage in sports.

I was lucky that the introduction was so short. If I had known more about Bruno Gröning and his teaching back then, I would have gone at it with my mind and wouldn't have been able to open up my heart to the Heilstrom so easily. I am grateful for the healings every day. I feel like a new person. My life has changed permanently.

Physician’s Commentary:

Mr. Krug had a spinal syndrome that had existed since his youth. In the orthopedic reports of findings at hand a multisegmental spondylosis/ osteochondrosis of the cervical vertebrae in particular, but also of the thoracic and lumbar vertebrae was described. A disorder based on such a complex deterioration and stiffening of the spine usually has a poor prognosis, especially in view of its long existence. Moreover, there had been migraine attacks and allergic reactions to various foods and solvents over a period of 45 years - since 1977. Mr. Krug tells of over two decades of knee pain due to wear and tear, as well as chronic pain from heel spurs since 2006. Regarding the problems of both knees caused by arthritis as well as the chronic pain syndrome with heel spurs on both sides and also the problems and restrictions through the degenerative changes in the spine, a further progression of the problems would usually be expected from a medical viewpoint. The spontaneous and lasting disappearance of all these illnesses, which had lasted for decades, shortly after connection to the teaching of Bruno Gröning, is inexplicable from a medical point of view. The relationship with the absorption of the Heilstrom according to the teaching of Bruno Gröning is obvious.
M. K., M.D.


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